Roller coaster day, but turned out to be pretty good and productive.  I woke up at 5:30 and stopped out at the site on my way to work.  Ugh, rain.  Huddled in my Volkswagen (where’s my Jeep?!) using a tape measure I tried to figure out how far up the drive the culvert pipe needed to be placed.  140′??? Jump out into the rain and track my once nice tape measure through the mud and spray paint some dots….Hmmm.  Doesn’t seem right.  Hop in VW, look at different site plan…decide to gauge off pin from surveyor, and I spray paint some lines.  Yeah, definitely spot on, well as spot on as can be expected.  It won’t be in the way and suits the lay of the land nicely.

Wandering around I notice a rogue survey stake and freak out.  No way the corner of the house is here.  Frantically run around in circles in waist-high weeds in my work clothes (i.e. dockers and short sleeve shirt and decent shoes) and ultimately realize no one’s up at 7 in the morning for me to freak out on and or commiserate with.

Battle traffic, work, then off to bank at lunchtime.  Fill out forms then back home.

Christine is gracious enough to make me a PB&J sandwhich. Scarf that down then off to the job site.  “Tick proof” clothes….again….I thought I was done with wearing long sleeves in 80 degree weather.  Throw the chainsaw in the VW (kick ass) and head out to the site.

dumping stone for the driveway, over the culvert

My friend Corky is waiting with his chainsaw and gear.  I’m still freaking out about the fact I didn’t line up my surveyor or anyone else to stake the house and we need it done pronto. If I do it myself I don’t know where to begin.  The ‘Little Red Hen’ route is showing some stress.

Well, I may not know where the house is but there aren’t any big trees in the plans to the left of the drive and there are big trees before us.  Easy enough, we end up cutting down 5 big trees (1 maple, 4 cherry). And by “we” I mean Corky cut them down while I stood there like an idiot.  I’m pretty much useless with a chainsaw.  I may know as much about 18th century Russian history as I know about cutting trees down (i.e. nothing).  Corky proved to be my first savior of the day and felled all 5 trees like a pro in 2 hours flat. Ok in all fairness I dropped one with his moral support and guidance.  I’m pretty much a 2-year-old with a chainsaw.

No he's not taking a leak, he's deftly cutting down that cherry tree.

After saying goodbye to Corky I walked back up and finished cutting up the trunks and branches.  The excavator can then push all that out of the way tomorrow.  After that was done I blankly sat on the ground contemplating where the house was supposed to go and thinking of contingency plans to get the house staked.  Foundation day is in two weeks!  My surveyor hasn’t called back yet.  Yes, I suppose I could chart it myself which is what I was contemplating.  I even have a 300′ measuring tape, all shiny and new from Lowes.  Hmm, maybe iPhone compass and GPS I could locate points….Ugh,  F-me. How far to the Pilot station for a six-pack?  When am I expected home?

And then, out of the blue, like a gift come straight from god, my surveyor rounds the corner of the drive and walks into the house clearing. Wow. I’m guessing in my morning panic I left a message and said I’d be out there and in lieu of calling he just showed up.  Short conversation later, we’re all set.  He’ll stake out most of the corners tomorrow and I can take it from there.  Thank you god (and surveyor of course).

So it was a good day.  I’ll post up some more pics tomorrow hopefully.  Christine and I will check out the stakes tomorrow and take a seat on our “screen porch” or at least where it will be and check out the view.

Foundation’s ordered, just need to dig a big hole in the earth. Tomorrow should be less stressful.  Knock on wood.


P.S. ProjectCam seems to be humming along, something like 26 pics so far.

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