Wall Walker

I learned today I don’t walk on walls anymore.  See, I use to walk on top of walls….sometimes. Little tiny 3-1/2″ wide ones when I worked rough framing houses.  Today I learned I’m just too old, high-strung, nervous and my center of gravity isn’t what it used to be to be walking on walls.  Even really wide ones; like 10″ wide.  So I made it official.  I don’t walk on walls anymore.  The most gratifying thing about getting older, especially around the time when you have your mid-life crisis is that you finally realize you can decide things for yourself and no longer really care about what other people think.  Think I’m lame for deciding not to walk on walls anymore?  Couldn’t care less.  I’m here and wall’s way up there (or over there with a big pit around it in this example).  We’ll keep it that way.  Wall’s fine.  I’m fine.  Everyone’s happy.

I had the pleasure of finding this out today when I traveled out to the job site by myself to take measurements for the steel I-beam that will support our house, along with measuring for the steel support posts.  I walked out onto the 10′ tall foundation, tape measure and blueprint in hand.  Got out to the middle, looked around, imagined my broken body being eaten by a coyote beside my shiny new foundation, turned around and scrapped wall walking for good.  Score one for middle age.  I then scampered down my fancy muddy 45 degree excavation walls and attempted to hop up onto my basement window opening.  Three tries later I was inside.  (I’m really out of shape.) Took my measurements with little or no confidence that what I measuring was accurate and made it back out in my first try.

I’m putting down 4″ of gravel down in the basement so the post pads will be even with that.  The gravel flows into the Superior wall cavities.  Then 4″ of rigid insulation and then finally 4″ of cement.  My 10′ walls will be 9′ once all that is done.  The posts will rest on the pad and then be encased in the insulation and cement.

The 31′ beam that supports the entire house will rest on a post next to the stairs.  I’m 82.3% sure I measured the length correctly and the beam won’t protrude out into the stairwell.  Conversation piece if it does, right?  I also scaled it off the drawing and it came out the same measurement so technically I double checked.  I could always file it down a little bit at a time once we move in.  That would help keep me out of trouble.  Win, win.

This week the basement will get rough plumbed, the post pads will be poured and, if all goes well, the structural steel will be delivered.  By Friday they’ll be ready to put the first floor deck on the main house.

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