The first floor deck goes on tomorrow.  Today though, for once, I had the answer to a potential problem.  The excavator was nice enough to put our steel I-beam on the foundation wall to help out the rough framers when they go to set it tomorrow. This is a huge help, as you’d know, if you’ve ever been a rough framer.  Moving I-beams by hand up onto a wall, especially a 10′ tall, non-back filled wall, is a pain in the ass. I’d rather fall through a window opening while stapling Tyvek to plywood than move an I-beam by hand.  But I digress.  The story is the excavator called me and in the most polite way possible said “Chris, um, I put the beam up on the wall and it looks to be about seven feet too short“.  Ah-ha, it’s supposed to be seven feet too short!  Yes, score one for this guy.  See, we gotta leave room for the staircase.  Don’t blame the excavator, at $30-$60 a pop I’m stingy with my blueprints.  My finish carpenter asks for a blue print daily and I laugh in his face.  And he’s my brother! (Ok, ok I’ll show you the blueprint but you only have 7.5 minutes alloted to you….ready…go!). 

See? The dashed line is my I-beam. In reality it's a pretty red color. I like the color red. It goes nicely with my eyes.


Each day spawns a steady stream of little minor issues that cut into my house-building-enthusiasm like something that repeatedly cuts into something else.  (How the hell do I know what analogy to use, it’s late and building a house is awful.) Today was no different.  So as a coping mechanism I divert my attention to things that are fluffy, easy and I have relative control over.  By the way, ProjectCam is up to ~600 pictures and 80% battery left.

Today’s diversions include: 

1) Getting ready to order windows.  I’ll tell you more in another post, but let’s just say, they’re gonna be triple white (inside, outside and hardware).  And they’re going to be super insulated.  Not super-duper insulation cause we still have to pay for the blue clay incident mind you. 

2) Coming up with new ideas that cost tons of money.  These ideas don’t last long, but they’re fun to play with.  We whipped out our Estes / Twombly book and saw a really cool glass dormer that may just be the answer to our need for natural light in the craft room.  I’m pretty sure if we did this design change my architect, window salesman and carpenters could all afford to go to St. Thomas for Christmas.  I’ve decided we can add this on after the house is built (if at all).  Sorry guys, Santa will visit you in Ohio this year.  

3) And the final diversion for a typical problem filled day: let’s pick out a roof color!  See the roof is like months away from installation, but why focus on the “here and now” when I can relax in the rest and solitude of picking out something that is of little consequence right now.  That my friend is called “diverting”. We’re getting a metal roof.  It will be durable, good-looking, environmentally friendly and be a great substrate for collecting water (all our water will come from the roof).  And it comes in a variety of colors.  Which is great except my brain is mush and I waffle…a lot, so picking out a color will be tough.  Here are our options:

Roof color options. Bright yellow was my first choice but alas, it's not really an option.

We really just have to narrow it down to 3-4 at this point and get some sample chips.  We’ll definitely go with something in the grey or metal color range unless one of you can convince us otherwise with a compelling argument or, if all else fails, a humorous antidote.  Acrylic coated Galvalume is actually a couple grand cheaper than a color so that’s definitely in play.  I do worry about glare from raw metal.  


So let us all divert together.  Here’s what the house looks like if you don’t remember:

"Contemporary Farmhouse" with an Industrial Mill character (once I get done with it....bwahaha).

Send me your comments and votes for a roof color.  If we pick your color you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing we agreed with your impeccable sense of style and color.

You want a prize? 
Okay, but first let me tell you about the time I fell through a window while stapling Tyvek…….

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