Framing III

Framing continues on the new house.  It’s exciting to see it in 3-D finally.  Once again, my sense of scale is thrown off as parts of the house look really big and others are small. 

We’re attempting to follow the plan to seal up the house but it’s proving to be difficult.  All the reference material we have doesn’t really apply to many of the situations we encounter.  That coupled with the framers quick speed means we’re missing some spots.  These will just have to be sealed up in an alternative way later on when I go in there and clean things up. 

Example of the Grace Vycor Plus on top of the first floor walls. The area above will be dead space so I'm assuming the flashing is in the right place.


Example of flashing gone awry. The green Raindrop material should go from top to bottom with the flashing cappig the top. I'll go in later and clean things up.

The garage turned out to be freakishly tall.  The gutterboards of the entire house will all be in line, including the breezeway and garage.  We set up the garage for 2×4 trusses vs. the 2×8 roof system on the main house.  When we switched from engineered 16″ tall rafters to 2×8 rafters (for cost reasons) we had to redesign the cross-section to get everything close to what it looks like in the architects elevations.  There were some discrepancies between various drawings, but ultimately we landed on building a 1′-7″ kneewall around the perimeter of the entire house.  We had to compensate for 12″ floor joists on the second floor as well.  Another discrepancy between the plans and the reality of building. The garage is brought of to a similar height so that when the trusses are installed, everything is at the same level hopefully.  Fingers crossed. The overhangs did increase by about 5″ to bring them down to the level of where they’re at in the elevation drawings.

Here's the cross section I drew up for the house. This was needed because we switched from the engineered rafters to 2x8 rafters.


My freakishly large / tall garage.

My studio.
Framing should be complete in a week.  Then all the other trades swarm down upon the house.  Roofing will start soon.  We’ve got the roof color down to two choices.  It will be nice to get a roof on to keep some of the elements out of the house.
That’s it for now.

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