Looking Like A House

More land wildlife.

The house is starting to look like a house.  Despite a lot of rain the framing has picked back up full steam ahead.  
I’m always amazed by the wildlife I see out at the land.  Over the weekend we spotted a small snake and a day or two ago I saw a frog and buzzard.  Seems everyone’s enjoying the house and land as much as we are.  
I’ve been working on the studio insulation in order to prepare for the cement being poured.  I think I worked the rigid insulation three times, which trumps my effort with the basement insulation.  Forgetting to put the HVAC pipes meant I basically had to start from scratch.  I think I’ve now got it set up as good as it’s going to get.  There’s no insulation around the pipes so I suspect we have a weak spot in the heating / cooling plan, but I’m not sure what I’d do differently, unless I rip up the pipes and swaddled them in insulation.  “Good enough” is going to have to be good enough. 

Studio insulation. The cement will pour over the insulation and HVAC pipes. The 4" will fill up to the bottom edge of the pressure treated sill plate.

While working the 2″ insulation around the perimeter, on Sunday, one of the many thunderstorms we’ve been getting decided to remind me that Mother Nature hates me.  A neat looking black cloud snuck in from the northeast as I was hoping to finish up and get out.  Next thing I know I look up, barely think “cool, I can see my shadow” and the air in my front yard cracked in half in a thunder clap that shook the house.  Drop tools, high tail it out of there.
Fortunately the last two days have been pretty nice.  The rafters are going up and the visual scale of the house is coming back into reality.  The garage still seems huge but at least the house is coming back to the real world.
We’ve been frantically picking out plumbing fixtures so the plumber knows where to run the plumbing pipes.  Also have been meeting with the roofer, fireplace rep and our cabinet maker to plan the next phases of construction.  Our kitchen cabinets are currently being made so that’s exciting. We still have to adjust the design of the upstairs bathroom to accommodate the vanity mirrors.  We’re also adjusting the amount of floor space built into the Cape Cod style roof in the bedrooms.
Waste is beginning to pile up.  I found a pretty good waste collection company that will recycle 80%-90% of the waste we put into the waste container.  I’ll go out to the site, measure up and decide what size we need.  We’ll do two collections.  One at end of framing, another at the end of the project.
Plumbing and HVAC start later this week.  Framing should be done by end of week as well.  Now it’s getting exciting.  Now it’s starting to look like a house.

no idea what the pile of used cement is for.


roof framing. note floating dormer rake boards. roof sheathing will slip underneath.

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