My apologies for my absenteeism, it’s been a very busy week.  We were fortunate enough to sneak away from all the madness and get some rest and relaxation by visiting family over the weekend.  In our absence construction continued, and along with that our “to do” list did not get any smaller.

Rough framing is nearly complete.  The final partitioning is taking place.  We’ve had adjustments made to several rooms.  The upstairs bath required a complete redo to get the vanities on a wall that was tall enough to feature a mirror.  On plan it looked fine but in reality the 5′ kneewall made it impossible to use for a vanity wall.  We took the liberty of adding a bathroom nook, kneewall and bookcase in the hallway.  The boys bedrooms also benefitted from new nooks that will expand the space for toys and treasures.  We added two closets to divide up some of the space allotted to the first floor laundry as well.  The craft room was widened by two feet, taking advantage of free space that became apparent during framing. The framers also are installing add’l 2×8 boards to bring our roof thickness up to 16 inches.  This will allow for enough blown in cellulose insulation to give us an R-60 roof. 

One major part to be framed will be the screen porch roof.  This should go on as soon as the cement is poured for the studio, garage and all the exterior post holes.

I’ll cover more regarding the roof, exterior and everything else as soon as I can.  I’ve been informed that my dinosaur of a keyboard makes too much noise at this hour of night.  🙂

One last thing, I noticed plants are starting to sprout up in the yard where previously there was just dirt.  And they’re not your garden variety weeds, rather the “native” plants that were there before.  So slowly things are headed in the right direction.

naturally occurring pool and plants growing near where single garage will someday be.


plants sprouting in yard


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