Waffle Forthwith

The good news is I’m running out of things to design and decide on as we pass the halfway point of the project.  The bad news is my ability to waffle is at its peak presumably.  The only thing that keeps me from vacillating from one choice to another is my uncanny ability to procrastinate.

This week everyone important is procrastinating too.  We’re pissing away a nice string of warm sunny days.  The roofers and rough framers keep pushing back.  apparently we’re at the bottom of the priority list.  By time we reach the top the rain pushes us back and the cycle goes full circle.  Meantime we are making some progress sealing up the house.  I spent Sunday cleaning up the housewrap envelope.  I installed sections of Raindrop where they were missing and sealed everything up with Lowes housewrap tape.  I’m taping all the seams and around the windows where the wrap meets the Vycor membrane flashing. I decided the little seam about 30+ feet  up on the studio gable should be fine sans tape.  Amazing how ones knees knock when you’re alone on a forty-foot ladder way up there. I even notched around the rafter tails with the house wrap.  This step will come in handy should I ever need to be institutionalized down the road.  I also wrapped membrane flashing over the nailing fins of the windows along the head and jambs.  The sill will remain open to let any accumulated water escape.  Our line of defense will be just behind the bottom of the window where it meets the window buck.  We’ll caulk at that point and separate inside from out.  The mylar balloons are off of most of the windows as well.  I crimped the breathing tubes in two places before cutting them with wire cutters.  The cutters did a good job crimping the tubes as well; I dipped the ends of each tube in silicon just to be safe.  In theory this should keep the gas inside the windows.

I’ve waffled quite a bit on our defenses against water and air, much to the chagrin of Tony who’s been doing most of the work.  He smiles and laughs at me a lot, so he’s happy….right?  All in all though I think we’ll be fine.  We followed the spirit, if not the law of our REMOTE wall system gameplan.  Somewhere in Alaska a home builder reads agog sipping his whiskey and cocoa; I’ve defiled his pet house building process in a way that is not okay.  My apologies to a gentleman I’ll never meet. (If you haven’t figured out by now, I stole our game plan from an article Joe the architect gave me from some builder in Alaska.  Ohio is like Alaska except I swear we get more snow and it’s significantly more depressing here in February.  At least we can stockpile Christmas Ale here to sustain us during the bleak winter.)

The plumber should be roughed in this week and the electricians are going to town.  I’m trying my best to avoid a lot of re-wiring as I oscillate all over the map in terms of where lights should go.  Generally we should be okay.  I scratched together a plan for my studio and we’ve identified many of our light fixtures.  Christine’s in charge of lighting fixtures from here on out.

The world is patiently waiting for me to design the staircase and front hall closet area.  As soon as I think I have something I like I change my mind.  I thought we had the stairs figured out but there are some nagging details that are getting in the way.  Functionally we know what we want the front hall area to be / do.  Just need to figure out a way to design it so it’s not a mess.  Here’s my latest rendering, kinda but not really what the final will look like:






In the family room I’m still trying to make room for about six light switches next to the porch door.  We’ll have a hutch next to the door between the fireplace and door.  The measurement I’m coming up with don’t leave much room.  There are several other challenging light switch spots throughout the house too. 

We’re starting to run into minor challenges with getting the kitchen cabinets to match the wood grain and color of the dining room table.  For now the dark color of the table is driving the color scheme of any built-in pieces that mimic furniture.  Light wood will carry the day in terms of flooring, steps and window sills. 

All subject to change of course.


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