Window Day

Wow, very busy day on the blog today.  My highest number of vistors to date.  Where’s the party?

It was a fairly busy day at the job site as well today.  Most of the windows are in.  Of course my notes were disregarded and feable attempts were made to crimp the gas tubes coming out of the windows, but even that couldn’t keep me down too long today.  We rushed out there with the boys in tow to catch a glimplse of the house before sunset.


My diagram of how to crip the expansion tubes on our gas filled windows. I of course did a stellar job. When I'm not around I'm pretty sure they do this shit on purpose just to see if I'll have an anyurism

We chose to install Serious high performance windows.  To be hard-core we would’ve bought German windows but we’re not hard-core.  We’re medium core.  Serious windows are made here in the good old USA.  They’re not a household name unless you’re building a seriously efficient house like we are.  To keep our budget in check we went with their middle of the road 525 series windows.  They’re decent looking windows although not aesthetic standouts by any means.  They’ll do the job.  We chose primarily casement windows as casements will net better performance than double hung.  Many of our windows are fixed which are even better.  Only problems we’ve run into revolve around our ability to order properly and issues with the expansion balloons.  No one told me about the balloons so we waited longer than the 5 days to crimp the tubes and cut off the balloons.  We were told this shouldn’t be a problem.  What is a problem is one balloon got sliced by a worker and was in the upside down position so for all intents and purposes I have to assume all the argon gas escaped.  We’ll get a Serious tech out to fix that window.  Additionally we had one window miss sized by the architect and two miss sized by the manufacturer.  I contributed by miss ordering 4 windows that needed to be tempered and they weren’t.  Finally today I noticed I forgot to order one of the garage windows.  So a bad start but at least they’re going in.

525 window performance chart

Our windows are white inside and out.  This should match the decor nicely.  Here are some more pics from today. 

note double fir strips for board and batten siding. studio window are individuals with framing between. Will be tough to insulate between.


Porch roof went on today too!


I showed you the rendering yesterday. Today a foyer wall.


framing for transom over doorway


kitchen area with i-beams above


this is the best thing I designed so far in the last six months. pipe cleaners as "hoses" on a Lego semi truck. Made one blonde kid really really happy. At least I have one fan.

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