Needful Things

I didn’t have a chance to visit the site today but I suspect it was fairly quiet.  By time I see it tomorrow the roof should be complete.  Several if not all of our inspections should be complete for the time being. 

In the meantime we’re busy surfing the net to find fittings for the house.  All the plumbing is selected but we’re behind on light fixture selection and haven’t evaluated doors or hardware yet.  We’re also diving into what we’re going to do for stair rails.  I checked and a cable rail is a viable option for our home.  It’s difficult finding a local resource but I’ll keep looking.

I’m busy designing the stairs and behind on designing the ship’s ladder to the attic / loft.  I discovered a site dedicated to stair ideas called Stair Porn.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, tons of pics of staircases, all of which are drool worthy. When you’re old and married, this is as good as it gets. (just kidding honey)

Beyond the stairs items requiring my design work are pretty much done until we move in.

We’re coming across a lot of neat and beautiful products in our search.  In addition to being efficient and sustainable anything that’s going into the house is going through a rigorous evaluation by us to make sure items are aesthetically beautiful and / or interesting.  I’ll be honest, the search isn’t completely exhaustive.  We’ll leave antique or rummage finds for after we move in.  There just isn’t the time so we’ll rely on the internet to do the walking for us and hopefully save some money in the process.

One neat product I was turned onto today can be found at  It’s a thermostat that actually learns what temperatures our family likes and eliminates the constant need to be programming or setting the thermostat to different settings.  It’s “gotta have it” form factor and interface seal the deal.  Like a bobber under water, we’re hooked.  We’re so easy.

We’re finding some great lighting at Barn Light Electric including the vintage industrial pendants for the Dining Room which are made from old acetylene tank tops.  Some of the cage lights we like we’ll try to find elsewhere but if not we can get those from BLE too.  I have yet to find a spot for an old-fashioned gooseneck light outside, but we’ll see. For track lighting, I’ll bite the bullet and shop based on price; though there are some really cool track lights out there.  Most of the lighting in the house is recessed.  Tracks carry the day in both studios and the upstairs Gallery.  I plan on out fitting everything with either CFL’s or LED bulbs to minimize electricity use.

The kitchen is going to be awesome, though we’re struggling to match up the cabinet door fronts with the dining table but we should be fine in the end.  We discovered a great range hood on Zephyr’s website.  The sleek lines and glass will go nicely with the concrete counters and aluminum cabinet door front trim.  For a back splash we were planning on going all stainless steel, but the Zephyr site had a stupidly cool tile kitchen that we may have to steal.  If you need inspiration for your kitchen, visit their site, it’s in my top 10.

There will be plenty of other objects we’ll have to pick out and buy. I’ll try to cover as many as I can and report back regarding how well they turn out and work.  Overall it should be, hopefully, an eclectic mix that ultimately all works out.  Stay tuned.


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