Progress Update


I ran out to the house this morning to surprisingly find a fair amount of progress.  Siding is starting to go on the main house.  Insulation is progressing inside and out.  The outside is done except for the screen porch.  Inside is done except blowing in some into the rafters.  All the rafters have a translucent fabric stapled to them.  The insulators poke holes in the fabric and spray into the holes, filling up the bays with cellulose.  Once the drywall is in they’ll fill the attic spaces with cellulose as well. 

In the knee wall areas I’ll put up some sort of paper material to create an air seal.  I can talk more about that in a later installment.

Drywall has been delivered.  We had to cut a hole in the wall to get it upstairs but the hole was quickly repaired and insulated.

you can see the holes in the fabric where insulation is injected into the rafter bays.


porch exterior insulation is done. We still have to clean up insulation job below floor boards including covering to avoid insect damage.


Very exciting, siding is starting to go on the main house. Here we can see the Western Red Cedar siding going on the studio wall.

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