Friday Quickie

  Just a quick post.  Should hopefully have more tomorrow night. I haven’t been out to the house all week, but looking forward to getting out tomorrow and setting the staircases.  Today we did accomplish something, we quickly decided on the garage door selections.  Hopefully the doors can be installed soon so that the foul Autumn (winter-like) weather will stay out of the drywalled garage.

Example of the Clopay Grand Harbor style garage doors we selected. Our 8'x8' doors with feature lites just as these have and will be painted all white.

Our doors will be from Clopay’s Grand Harbor collection.  Each is 8′ x 8′ and will be trimmed out in white.  The top panel is the SQ24 style 16 lite.  These are common overhead steel doors but look like they should provide a nice carriage house look to our garage.  Each costs about $1,375 apiece installed which isn’t too bad for the look. They’re insulated to an R6.3 R-value.  Down the road this may hurt a bit but frankly right now the garage has no insulation.  The windows are high octane 525’s from Serious but beyond that the garage is cookie cutter energy waster.  At this time though it’s not heated and it’s separate from the house so no worries.  Down the road we can amp up the insulation and make the garage all warm and cozy.  If need be we can change out the door panels for something more energy-efficient if need be.  To complete the carriage house look the doors feature black handles and step plates.  Kind of old-fashioned looking and not bronze like the main house hardware but it’ll be okay.  We can always change out hardware down the road.  At this time we’ll shop around for a screw drive door operating mechanism  (as opposed to going with the dealer installed units).  May be an opportunity to save a few hundred dollars.

Photo from the Clopay website of a cookie cutter house with the same garage doors we selected. As stated, ours will be al white.


 Door hardware on the main house should be in by now.  I’ll take pics tomorrow to share with you.  As I said the plan is to get the stairs in tomorrow.  Should be pretty cool.  I can show you pics of the real thing next to my computer renderings.

Beyond that I hope to see more siding up.  I have a laundry list of things to do during Christmas break.  Hopefully the drywall will be done by then (mudding and taping).  Would be nice if the house could be primed / spray painted before then too, as then I can spend my time out fitting closets and performing other light duty tasks.  I doubt it but we’ll see.











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