Electric Company

The transition into the home stretch should officially start tonight.  Our friends at Ohio Edison should be installing the permanent electrical meter at the house in the cold and dark of this mid-December night.  What this means to us is that we can fire up the temporary furnace and “bring our ship about”.  The furnace should get the house up to temperature for the first time ever.  Pretty remarkable event considering all that we’ve done to make the home energy-efficient.  And like firing up the engines of a new ship as it lies in the shipyard. Once up to temperature the house, even in its current state, should hold its own against Mother Nature, as she kicks off another Norhteast Ohio winter.

We have a temporary furnace to take us through the finishing phase including drywall taping and sanding, trim work and painting.  Then towards the end of the project the permanent furnace will go in.  If we put the permanent unit in now it’d void the warranty by virtue of all the dust and debris created during the finishing phase.

I spoke with the painter today and laid out the game plan for painting the interior.  The exterior will wait until Spring; too late in the year now to lay down paint outside.  As for the inside, we’re going to go bare bones painting wise to save cost.  Christine and I will want to determine, and paint, the interior palette ourselves anyway.  If we’re feeling really frisky we’ll do some faux painting, patterned or textured painting after we move in.  This would surely temp fate.  The closest we came to divorce so far was during the course of “rag rolling” a den in our first house.  I suspect though that most of the painting will be subtle.  The contemporary nature of the house will dictate a subtle natural palette devoid of much flourish. 

Painting wise, to start with, the ceilings will remain unpainted knock down drywall texture.  The wall will all be flat white.  The trim will be semi-gloss white.  Stained areas will include the window sills, ship’s ladder and staircase treads.  The steel I-beams in the kitchen will be black (maybe distressed?). Anything that’s stained will be a light maple to match the hardwood flooring. By the way, I did specify non-VOC Sherwin Williams paint for the house.  This will minimize the amount of chemicals our family will be ingesting within our air tight home.  Carpet, paint, flooring, furniture and so forth all “off gas” chemicals into the air.  Since our house doesn’t “breathe” as much as a porous cookie cutter house, all those chemicals float around and end up in inside of me and the family.  Hell, after 38 years I’ve got all kinds of crap inside me that no sane human should have, but my two little boys should at least have a fighting chance.  We’ll do the best we can to make sure they’ve got a healthy home to grow up in.  I’ll do a tally of what we’re doing from a health and environmental sustainability standpoint at a later date.

As usual I don’t have any pics cause I haven’t been out in a few days.  I’ll keep you posted.


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