I Got Nothin’ For Ya

Sigh.  To quote the immortal (and oft-repeated) words of Jeff Probst….

“I got nothin’ for ya.”

There really isn’t a damn thing going on at the house site other than a few VIP tours and the exterior siding is slowly going up.  I stopped out on Saturday to find Tony and my brother scratching their heads in the basement, surrounded by a blue smokey haze emanating from the temporary furnace.  Seems as soon as they flipped the switch the furnace gave up its ghost.  As of today we are still without a working furnace or heat.  This has basically rendered the project dead in the water.  We need heat to finish the drywall.  Until we finish the drywall there’s nothing that can really happen inside.

On the outside the siding is going up, very slowly.  It’s a quality job though, and we’re paying a flat rate for the whole project, so there shouldn’t be any budget issues.  I suspect the siding should be complete any day now.  Painting the siding though will have to wait til Spring.  At least that’s one bill I can put off.  It’s a shame I don’t get to see the house during the week, at least during daylight hours.  I’m not as connected to the house as I was say one or two months ago.  We’re almost done though so I’ll have plenty of time to re-connect once we move in.

The fresh water system is being wrapped up inside and out.  There are various treatment filters and tanks that are being installed this week.  I’ll arrange for a fill up of the cistern once it’s complete.  We do not have gutters yet so there’s no way to fill the system up otherwise.  We’ll have a pretty generous mechanical area in the basement for the HVAC and water supply system.

Most of my waking hours, outside of work, are spent looking at lighting and cabinets.  I’m spending way too much time hem-ing and haw-ing over lights.  I need to just pick stuff out and go with it.  If I look at Home Depot, Lowes or Lighting Universe’s website one more time I’m going to cry.  Now I know why the good Lord invented wine.

Hmmmm….I can’t even fabricate anything interesting or exciting that could be going on out there. 

So like the man says. 

I got nothin’ for ya.

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