Self Preservation

Being a parent is a continuous race to stay ahead of your self destructive children.  Our boys are progressing at an alarming rate.  As I type this they are a glance of the eye away, inventing some new method to injure or mame (sp?) themselves or each other.

Today, we made the new house slightly less dangerous for kids and adults alike.  The stair railings are starting to go in. 


Upstairs railing installed.

  The railing is a simple poplar (or similar paintable hardwood) design, consisting of a 2×4 rail, and 1×1 square spindles.  The square spindles echo the square windows and other geometrically simple forms of the house.  The entire rail assembly will be painted white to match the interior trim. We did look into a cable rail system, but it was too cost prohibitive at this time.
Beyond the railing, tile is going in the boys shower and the kitchen continues to shape up.  Once the rail is done work will pick up in other areas of the house.  There is still a lot to do in a small amount of time. 

View, albeit dark, of the railing surrounding the opening to the attic loft.


Attic railing.

Kitchen island temporarily in place.


Kitchen shaping up.


Tile going in the boys bathroom. It's a simple Daltile white 6x6 ceramic tile.


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