A Clean Up Day

Just a quick post, as I suffer through a mid-winter cold (the blow your nose kind, not the “it’s frosty outside” type of “cold”).  Christine and I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the house.  It felt good to knock down the amount of dust and debris in the house.  It’s not spotless but it helps move us closer to cleanliness overall.  There should be less and less sawdust and dirt being generated in the house from here on out.

Sweeping up the sawdust upstairs.

Christine “Swiffer-ed” her studio and craft room; the laminate floor looks really nice cleaned up.  Obviously the laminate floor will need a good washing closer to move in, but getting the dust off of it now felt and looked good. 
We racked up a “to do” list last night so we can follow along and mark things off as they are completed.  Our hope is to have everything wrapped up in the next three weeks.  The list doesn’t seem very long but I’m skeptical.  I suspect we’ll blow past our due date to get an occupancy permit.  Guess only time will tell.
Yesterday the guys muscled in all the appliances into the house.  The Sub-Zero fridge and freezer are in place.  It was very exciting to see them inside the house.  Also exciting to see everything else coming together slowly.  The Master shower tile arrived, ready for installation.  We ordered the tile from Wholesalers USA and had it within 3 days from ordering.  Amazing.  We’re also to the point where there isn’t much else to order or pick out……as far as I know there’s the doorbell, bathroom towel bars…..not sure there’s much else.  Oh, also need to order ceiling fans for the boys’ rooms.   
Until next time…..

Twin 27" wide Sub-Zero units. Refridgerator on the left, freezer on the right. Both will be concealed behind cabinet doors so they'll be virtually invisible.


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