It’s amazing how long ago is feels since the bulldozer first ran through the brush, tracing what would become our driveway, back in June, or July.  I guess eight months is a long time, though about average for building a new home; fairly quick for a custom home.  As we approach the end of the project, the amount of action at the house is picking up significantly.  After a few weeks of only one or two trades on site we’re back to where it’s not uncommon to see three or more at a time.  Phone calls, texts, and emails start to dominate the day as final preparations are orchestrated.  The land looks completely different, 180 degrees different, than it did in mid summer, but the magnetism has only grown stronger.  Tonight, after dropping off tile, I stuck around to snap some photos and found myself, as usual, unable or unwilling to readily leave.  There’s something about the stillness or potential to the land and house as it transforms that fixates me to the sense of place that is being created.  And with every trip, either at night or as I lock up after everyone has left, I have to break myself away; forcing myself back into reality.

In many regards this will change once the pitter patter of little (and big) feet move into the house and life’s needful things are scattered about the yard, but hopefully not completely.  Hopefully, for as long as it stands, in the calm of Spring mornings, the buzz of late Summer nights or the solitude of an empty Winter day that magnetism will still be there, beckoning and calling myself, our family, or whomever has the genuine fortune of being there.

So to serve this purpose, or because of it, we’re doing everything we can to pay attention to all of the details.  We’re striving to finish the house with items that delight the senses.  For the most part this has gotten us into hot water budget wise, but many of the items will never be replaced or even remodelled.  I can honestly say and believe this.  There is a permanence in the land and structure that we are working to instill, even if it’s subconscious.  In an ever-changing world, this house will provide safe, comforting, harbor for all who come in contact with her. 

Or at least that’s the idea. 

Of course it’s eleven o’clock at night and I’m getting slap happy as we approach the finish line so take it for what it’s worth. 

Worst case scenario the door bell is pretty cool.

Pics for your enjoyment below.  HVAC, gutters, electrical, septic all start the beginning of the end to their journeys next week.  This weekend I’m tackling a list of odds n ends including the fireplace stonework myself.  We’ll also be going on our last shopping spree to get towel racks, door knobs and even house numbers. There’s so much to do, even I’ll be ready to leave at the end of the day.

Don't know if I showed you, but all the siding is done, even on the exterior of the loft.



Painters are filling nail holes and caulking all the trim. Caulking the trim will help seal up the house and get us a better score on our blower door test.


Most of the stair railing is done. Simple poplar hardwood rail, we'll have it painted white.


Water line for freezer needs to be moved. We'll seal up the gaping hole where it was before so we don't get air penetration into that cavity. Incidently they discovered that pantry door trim "locks" in the freezer making it impossible to remove once the cabinets are in. This will be solved via removeable trim. The screw heads will be photographed and then spackled over. I the freezer needs to come out we'll just look at the pic, remove spackle, screws, and trim.


Fireplace surround is covered in 1/2" OSB. I'll put mesh and cultured stone on it this weekend. Wish me luck, I've never actually done any of that. No worries, not like it's a focal point or anything.


We had the HVAC guys over at Sissler Heating and Cooling drop off the registers so the base boards could be cut to size.


First floor flight of stairs with rail mostly finished. Railing on middle two flights was compromised due to the shift occuring with the intruding foundation wall. Not much we can do at this point but live with it.


Studio railing in place.


Yes it's our doorbell. It's cast, and finished in oil rubbed bronze. By artist Michael Healy

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