Cut and Run

Just pics tonight.  I quit on doing the fireplace stone myself.  Worried it won’t turn out okay, therefore easier and more effective to have a professional bang it out in a day at a cost of $600.  One of life’s secrets is to know how to pick your battles.  I’m good at many things, but DIY projects are not in my wheelhouse.  Our (the wife and I’s) contribution to the project will be design and a lifetime of debtor’s prison.  I’ll leave the craftsmanship stuff to the pros.

Ceiling lights in craft room. Two overheads on one switch, six low voltage lights (not installed yet) on a different switch. Overhead lights are old school barn type lights, 10" in diameter, dark grey finish. They look nice.


6" white tile (Daltile) in boys bathroom shower. Should be thrilling to figure out how to work a shower curtain into this picture. I have some ideas...


I attempted to install cultured stone on fireplace. Here I had to notch a piece of corner stone to clear a 2x6 remnant that was sticking out of the wall. I used a grinder with a diamond blade to carve out the penis shaped notch you see here, in my hand, of course. My life and this house, I need a drink.


This is the amount of stone I got up before I cut and ran. It actually was very fun, relaxing and therapeutic. I'm so glad I got that out of my system. Now I can pay someone to do it for me.


Staircase sans its protective wrapping. The floating maple treads are stunning against the white railings.

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