In an effort to be productive and proactive we painted the boys bathroom today.  Actually got one coat on.  We’ll put the second coat on probably some time after we move in.  If you’ve ever painted a bathroom you know what a pain in the butt it is to paint behind a toilet, so it’s best to paint before the toilet is even in.  There is some significant drywall work that needs to be done near the shower so no sense putting the second coat on until this can be rectified.

The spouse painting the doorway of the boys' bathroom.

The color for the boys bathroom is Sherwin Williams Edamame, which is a wicked cool green color.  At times it looks grey or brown, and at other times it looks green or olive.  Perfect color for a contemporary boys bathroom.  Should look nice with the white tile, trim and cabinets.
I’m trying to stick to one Sherwin Williams color collection so everything works together.  Color is tough sometimes to figure out and align so why not go with what the experts picked out.  The wife strays a bit but she puts up with me; she selected to color for the bath (and frankly all the rooms so far).  Even when we stray from our Global Spice color card we’re picking colors that are either tones of card colors, or are on trend and complimentary.

Painting boys bathroom.

All the paint we’re using is Sherwin Williams Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex Zero VOC paint.  At $45 a gallon it’s not cheap but there really is no other viable option.  We can’t afford to have our paint offgassing volatile organic compounds, compromising our health and the environment.  Another favorite zero VOC paint of ours is Mythic paint which we’ve used successfully in our current house.  Sherwin Williams is a local company so that should help our regional economy and is generally used by most painters in the area (i.e. not really given a choice).  We’re happy with the quality and color selection, as well as the fact that they offer a Greenguard certified zero VOC paint.

Hallway is painted Canvas Tan from the Sherwin Williams Global Spice style card.

It’s nice to see all the painting done generally speaking.  We’ll finish painting individual rooms once we move in and see how the decor is shaping up.  Painting is a relatively easy DIY project and you can save some money I suppose, doing it yourself.
This coming week will hopefully pick up the pace.  We’re mainly waiting on countertop material; that’s holding up  the kitchen.  The carpeting should go in on Tuesday, as well as firing up the fireplace.  Tuesday will also find the house hosting another VIP tour.  Beyond that doors should start going back in and hardware be installed.
We’re almost there, and it can’t get finished a moment too soon.

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