We’re done.

What started with a bulldozer in July ended today with a permit allowing us to occupy the premises.  

Eight months and three  is what it took to go from tick infested brush to finished livable house.  Sure there are a few things to finish but it’s all stuff that can get done during the course of living in the house.

I didn’t do much work on the house myself.  But the last thing I did before I left for vacation was install the house numbers.  We ordered our modern house numbers online.  Each is milled from solid aluminum and the installation was fairly simple and straight forward.  The consensus was to arrange them vertically.  We preferred putting them on the garage, centered vertically with the lower window.  The apple trees should not obscure them, even when fully grown.

Now we can order pizza with some semblance of hope that they delivery guy will find us.

Also before we left we got to see the Silestone countertops and kitchen sink installed.  They look great.  The grey expo finish looks like cement and is a lot glossy-er than I had imagined.  Generally speaking the kitchen looks virtually identical to my rendering.  I have not seen it with the door fronts on yet, though.

Silestone grey expo quartz countertops installed.

Blanco kitchen sink installed. Single bowl will make it easier to clean pots and pans.

Spy photo of cabinet door fronts installed.

Spy photo of ship's ladder installed for attic.

Obviously  a  lot more got done since we left, but it’ll have to wait until we get back to see.  Then the fun part starts (other than figuring out how to pay for everything).  All the fun (and sometimes sad) stuff that it takes to turn wood, steel and glass from a house to a home.

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