I sit drinking my Red Stripe, as our vacation regretfully winds down like a half cranked children’s toy (no really, just my first beer of the day, I swear to god).  In a handful of days we’ll be switching gears officially from building a house to moving into a house. 

Part of me is excited to go back and get cracking, another part of me wants to pull the want ads out of the Naples Daily News and see about getting a job.  Unfortunately my talents teeter precariously on non-existent.  Suppose the two-day trek north is as good as it will get.  Remarkably I hear the weather is incredibly nice up there so we have that to look forward to.

Much of what we have is boxed up since our last move (eight years ago), which along with the rest is easily shuttled to the new homestead.  Aside from paying for it all, I actually am excited to get on with it, so to speak.  I’ll snooker a handful of friends into helping us move our worldly possesions….and honestly, we’ve all done it so many times, aside from saving our backs, hiring movers would prove of little value.  Yeah, we’re that good.

It will be enjoyable to get the house “under way” and start charting her performance.  If Spring stays temperate, she may leave port using little or no energy, save power to her lights.  Ferrying ourselves away from the old house permanently should help the monthly bottom line as we’ll be able to mothball that place and cut back on expenses.  Also looking forward to saying goodbye to water and sewer bills.  Yes, we’ll have to pay for the upkeep of our on-site systems, but there we will now be afforded a degree of freedom (at a cost of convenience) most people in America can only dream of.  Given the choice of freedom and convenience my heart goes for freedom every time.  As an exciting aside, for me at least, being self-sustaining allows us to experiment down the road as well; increasing efficiency, trying new systems and products, growing god knows what.

The small steps of packing and moving will put us right in the thick of getting back to working on artwork for the upcoming season of art festivals.  Both studios will be up and running by months end if all goes well.  Every piece of art sold pays for a light fixture, faucet or layer of blue foam.  I’m optimistically (maybe unrealistically) looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by the house’s contribution to our bottom line.  Once up and running our attention will turn to getting the yard up and running and contributing as well.  Come hell or high water we will get something out there growing that we can harvest by year’s end.  Next year will be more organized, but for this year, a small plot of vegetables and a scattering of fruit plants will suffice.  Long term, for shits and giggles, I may see if our land and house can sustain us outright.

The workers are milking the last week of access to the house finishing up odds and ends.  After this weekend I’m throwing them all out, ready or not.  We’ll need the drive finished and get a jump on landscaping I suspect but inside I’m over having people in “my” house other than me.  At least for the time being.

When we get home I’ll start spray painting the remainder of the driveway and the walkways and beds between the house and driveway.  We’ll run up to the garden center and start lining up trees to buy or order so once Spring is here for sure we can start planting.

So I never was able to really relax on vacation but at least we got out for a couple of weeks.  Mentally a little more charged for moving and getting on with the next phase.  Ready to embark on the next step.

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