Moving, A Lil’ Bit

I guess technically we started moving today.  We went to go see the house and we took over two lawn chairs, two saw horses and a shelf’s worth of garden seeds, wasp spray and miscellaneous soil additives.

The house really needs a good cleaning.  There’s dust everywhere and the carpet is getting matted down.  It’s kind of sad.  The house doesn’t feel fresh and new, or crisp like when you walk through those “Parade of Homes” homes.  That should hopefully change once we clean up and start populating it with several lives worth of crap.

I grabbed Project Cam and brought him home.  There were a lot of great pictures on the SD card.  It appears that the camera worked as planned.  Only weird thing is there are huge blocks of days missing.  Not sure why, maybe the sensor got covered for several days and then uncovered so it’d start taking more pictures.  I have two other cards to check on, but I was at least able to review one card tonight. 

Looking at the photo stream from one day you can appreciate the positioning of the house on the lot.  The large south windows capture the sun first thing in the morning.  This helps passively heat the house up just as everyone is crawling out of bed.  By noon the sun hits the garage roof, which will be handy in the future when we install solar cells there to generate electricity.  Finally the screen porch receives late afternoon sun, followed by a blanket of shadow just as the sun is getting most intense visually; in other words trees keep us from being blinded by bright sun during cocktail hour on the deck and screen porch.

Inside the master bath mirrors and shower door are in.  The mirrors are simple pieces we picked up at Home Depot or Lowes.  The color is slightly off from the cabinets but for now they’ll be okay.  Down the road we can paint or stain them to get the tone just right.  The shower door looks great, virtually a seamless and floating pane of glass.

Upstairs one can now find the ship’s ladder installed, making access to the attic space an easier affair.  The simple white-painted ladder had steps set 8″ apart, and the overall assembly is set at around 68 degrees from horizontal.  Our toddler was able to navigate the steps on his own with the help of a spotter providing courage on demand.  Upon reaching the last step and his final destination, he was able to partake again in passing the time by jumping off the generous window sills onto the grid patterned carpet up there.

In the kitchen, all the cabinets are done with the exception of the aluminum doors and the LED under counter lights.  There are some issues with the doors visually, but I believe down the road all the panels can be replaced.  The laminated doors will suffice for now though.  We have bigger fish to fry, though the finger grips for the drawers and doors will hopefully be adjusted to be more ergonomically friendly.

Outside the excavator is midway through finishing up the drive, providing us with a firm surface to park in front of my studio and opposite the garage.  An earth stabilizing fabric is laid down and then large stone is placed on top.


One disappointing thing I discovered is that our Nest thermostat won’t work with our Water Furnace brand furnace.  The hybrid nature of our system isn’t compatible with the Nest.  I sent the company a picture of our wire set up and they quickly responded that it’s not compatible:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting Nest!

I have reviewed your photo and I have determined that you are incompatible due to your black “I” wire. This is most likely the emergency heat. If you decided to forfeit the use of your emergency heat, which is normally only used in conditions of extreme cold, than you would be able to use Nest.

Your system as it currently is connected appears to be a heat pump with first stage heating and first stage cooling, in addition to fan control, a ground (common) wire, and emergency heat.

This stinks.  Now I have to sell my Nest.  If you want one, contact me forthwith.  Our hybrid system acts as a geothermal heat pump most of the time and the high-efficiency furnace kicks in when it’s really cold out.  I’m surprised something as advanced as the Nest doesn’t work with a “hybrid” furnace system (which is fairly advanced in my opinion).


Ok, that’s it for today.  Oh, and the boys started moving in too….each of them got a small glass and wire “bug” from their mom to put on the window screen of their new bed rooms.  Hopefully the bugs will be comforting to them when they move into their new spaces.

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