For my 100th post a little treat for you, I wrote a poem….my first, so go easy on me….it’s late so I reserve the right to keep tweaking it….maybe add something about a pirate.  (It’s my poem and it’s copyrighted so you can’t just go willy nilly using it either, ask permission).  It’s for the wife, thanks for putting up with me the last eight months building this thing.  She’ll like it, it has a cat in it.  Anyway….


Oh what to make a house a home?
Surely does not require a tome
Open creaking front door
Tread on bronze tile floor

Small boys chasing rainy mornings
Heeding watchful mother’s warnings
Filling jars with hopes and dreams
Sewing everything at seams

Chasing fireflies through heat and haze
Learning by eye, life’s amaze
The sound of wind through sassafras leaf
Under pillows baby teeth

Notches on poplar door frame
Sadness that they’re not the same
Little grey cat on window sill
Shining sun with warmth does fill

Laughing with family and good friend
For it is they that memories depend
Stealing sweet summer night kisses
Crafting never realized wishes

A place for celebrating times of gladness
Comfort hiding death’s great sadness
Shelter for when storms do warn
Awaken renewed to greet the morn

Lying asleep under winter’s drift
Through our destiny one does sift
Always present, can always return
When aching heart does so yearn

At the end of every road traveled
It lies in wait, weariness unraveled
A house is a home when it’s in one’s heart
So forth we go, a brand new start

-Chris Weigand © 2012

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