More Cleaning

We spent today cleaning the house some more in preparation for moving.  We’ve also started shuttling over out junk from our old garage to the new garage.  Half of this stuff could probably go in the garbage, but instead we’ll take it with us.  Was nice to take the boys out there today.  Our littlest guy of course needed every ceiling fan on while we cleaned.  He was loving it, along with the large windowsills and hardwood floors.  Cute, and strange kid. I got the kitchen cleaned top to bottom.  Wiping down cupboards and vacuuming out drawers.  We also got the fridge cleaned and fired up.  A few Cokes cooling inside as we speak.  I vacuumed upstairs and have to say, the carpet is way to fluffy.  Virtually impossible to run the sweeper, my arms are worn out. I noticed too that the solid wood pocket doors are tough to operate.  The combination of their weight and the Emtek pocket door hardware handles make them tough to operate.  In hind sight it may have been worth while going with hollow pocket doors or different hardware.

Here are some pics from today.  This week should be more of the same; cleaning and wrapping up a few minor things.

Blue interior of Wolf range looks pretty cool in contrast to fire red of coffee bar in kitchen.


This is the sole reason this house exists if you're askin' me. I can back up my truck or trailer to the studio doors for step less loading or unloading. It was orgasmic moving my crap into the house and not having to go up and down stairs.


Okay, I hate to show the bad stuff, but this was over the top even for me. They cut my light switch plate into four section in an attempt to fit in the ceiling fan switch I bought from Barn Light Electric for our Lapa fan. What needs to happen is we need to remove the drywall and remount the switches to be a triple and a single for the fan switch. The switches for the other fans are all currently sitting on window sills right now. The electricians are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to install. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Mostly cry considering how much we spent on the house and some of the details that were turned out.


Art is starting to show up at the new house. Here we see a cool welded spider chilling out on the front porch.


Worst part of my day: a blown out steak burrito from Chipotle lead to a re-wrap that resulted in my burrito being significantly smaller than the wife's chicken burrito. I just don't know why life is so freaking unfair. I cleaned all day, live for Chipotle.....ugh. I was hungry too.


To clean off gunk left by workers installing the microwave oven, we used a wet rag with some baking soda on it. A little elbow grease, rubbing with the grain of the stainless steel worked like a charm.

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