Moving day is coming up so we’re shuttling over the junk that has accumulated in the garage and basement.  We don’t have it in us to go through it all, so like true pack rats we’re hauling it over box by box, trailer load by trailer load.  I’m getting a pretty good moving boxes.  I should be pretty buff when we’re done, assuming I don’t drop dead of a heart attack.  We can go through all our crap after we move in.  Should help cleaning out existing house and make it look more saleable.  Of course it’s a moot point since we will never sell our current house.  Every house in our neighborhood has sold but there ours still sits.  Our neighbors offloaded theirs in like three months.  We’re going on lap two around the sun with the place for sale.  As my friend says, look at it this way, we’re real estate moguls now.  A million dollars of debt does not make us millionaire unfortunately.

We continue to clean up the new place.  Construction has left a lot of dirt and dust, and no matter how much we clean, it seems like the place will never be clean.  I swept, vacuumed, scrubbed and mopped the basement floor and it barely made a dent in the dust and dirt down there.  I suspect that it will take three mopping sessions to get clean.

For the last month or two there’s been a constant chirping from our master bedroom.  Someone pulled the dust cover off of the smoke detector but didn’t pull out the cardboard “pull this out to make the f-ing smoke detector stop chirping” card from the detector.  Fortunately our master bed ceiling is vaulted, and the detector rests about 25′ in the air, other wise I’d have nothing to write about.  All of the trades apparently thought we love the sound of chirping in thirty-second intervals, otherwise I’m sure they would have pulled the card for us.  Turns out having your smoke detector audibly chirp every thirty seconds, loud enough that you can hear it throughout the house is annoying after about the first thirty seconds or so. I figured after two months, and since everyone was paid in full, no one was coming back; I was going to have to take care of it myself.  I tried my extension ladder which fell pitifully short.  All it did was leave a big mark on our lemon grass colored walls. So I proceeded to single-handedly drag in the world’s largest A-frame ladder into the house.  It must weigh like 100 pounds.  I successfully put it through one wall so now I have a drywall repair to add to my “to do” list.  I was able to get it to stand up in the master bedroom on my own.  No small feat since it’s like really f-ing long and heavy.  I nearly knocked off the ceiling fan wielding the unwieldy ladder.  For giggles I tapped the fan blades about fifteen times wiggling the upright ladder across the room, in hopes the fan would crash down, killing me and putting me out of my misery.  No such luck but I got it close enough to the god forsaken smoke detector to see what all the fuss was about up there.  It’s funny that you try to figure out how long it would take someone to find your broken body if you fell off of said ladder at that height, when you’re clinging on for dear life and the nearest person is about a quarter-mile away and would never hear your screams over the  chirping of the smoke detector……

Honey you hear that? I thought I heard a faint scream of a slightly out of shape, middle-aged man who may or may not have fallen off a really tall f-ing ladder.” 

No, but what the hell is that chirping noise? Like every thirty seconds, I swear to god.”

Anyway, I scrambled up the ladder and pulled the freaking piece of cardboard out.  It had like three lines of instructions. Whatever. Out it came and I probed the 9 volt battery inside.  It was a generic red looking one.  I closed the cover and the chirping stopped.  I bought an Energizer lithium 9 volt battery at Home Depot today.  It should last 10 years as the back up for the smoke detector.  That puppy is going in there next time I get out to the house.  By then my kids will be old enough to help me replace the battery.

Part of me would rather die of smoke inhalation than change this detector battery. Vaulted ceiling sounded like a good idea at the time. There has to be a better way. I'm contemplating installing a hatch in craft room or building a permanent ladder on that wall as a decorative / practical element.

In our free time (he he) we’ve been reaching out to get estimates on roughing in the landscaping.  We haven’t gotten much response.  I’ll give it a couple of weeks.  We’d get the beds and lawn parts roughed in.  Then we’d buy and plant our own trees and bushes. Therapeutic. 

In an effort to fantasize about completely bankrupting ourselves, we’ve started looking at home decorator items for the new house as well.  There are few items we really want and need to get.  First on the list is an area rug for the family room.  The house is kinda cold and echos a lot so a rug will help warm the place up a bit.  We never bought a big nice rug before so we’re trying to look at a lot of them to see what our options are.  Next on the wish list are some counter height stools for the kitchen area and another area rug for under the dining room table.  At some point a media console would be nice so the tv doesn’t have to live on the floor. 

I’m not sure what, if anything, we’ll eventually get but it’s a lot of fun to see what’s out there.  We went out to a few stores yesterday and found a lot of options at a variety of prices.  Our tastes run pretty eclectic, yet we are specific in what we like.  Should be interesting how it all turns out.  We don’t necessary follow any hard fast rules for decorating, rather we go with what we like.  Everyone else,and decor magazines, be damned. 

Here are some more pics. 

Have a Happy Easter everyone.  I’ll keep praying to St. Joseph that we sell our old house, in the meantime there is a lot of crap to move. 


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