The Ugly Chair

As promised I have pics of the ugly chair I bought my wife.  We moved a bunch of bins of junk over tonight and included in the trip was one yellow-ish chair stashed haphazardly in the back of the RAV4. 

Our new chair!

We picked the chair up on clearance at Pier 1.  It wasn’t cheap but I guess it was a good deal.  I think it’s hideous, but the wife really likes it.  I like that it is very light weight so it’s easy to carry.  I accidentally popped my hand through the fabric underneath, but she says she can fix it.  She loves her new chair so who am I to complain. Before moving it into her studio I set it in the foyer while I lugged in a bunch of other boxes into the house.  I will say, I was struck by how well the ugly chair matches the south wall paint color.  I forget off-hand what the paint color is, but the yellow chair looked remarkably nice against that color wall.  The chair also has some cool blue color on the back side, which is unique for us because the house will have virtually no blue in it anywhere, save the range interior and a random piece here and there. 

That was it for today, enjoy ugly chair pics.  Also the mantel is done but not installed.  It looks really nice, there’s a pic of that below too. -c 


Cherry mantel made from a tree that stood where the house now stands.


4 thoughts on “The Ugly Chair

    • Thanks. Mantel turned out really nice, can’t wait til it’s installed. Asking my brother what else we can make out of the cherry logs we felled.

      Chair is growing on me. :/


      • We restored a 1730’s home and used a salvaged beam for a newel post. It turned out beautiful. I know you will have a wonderful home when it is done.


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