4 am

Wide awake at 4 am on a school night, all the change of address contacts jumping through my mind like useless sheep, means the stress of this endeavor is putting up the good fight until the bitter end. After viewing some lady’s forty seventh “watering can with flowers poking out the top” pin on Pinterest, I decided to post up here in order to be somewhat productive at this hour.

I worry about my baby trees. I looked online and they do sell these sleeve looking things that you can put around saplings to keep the deer away. Lowes website had nothing, so I’ll check some local nurseries.

Hold on little guys” is all I can say.

I did finish the mailbox install so that is one less monkey on my back. It was super easy; just followed the directions without incident. Bonus points: no one ran over me on our busy country road while I laid in the grass screwing my mailbox….(wait, that sounds dirty). Anyway, anytime you can lay yourself down in bed at night and think “Wow, no one ran over me today.” is a good day in my book. I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m down to just three more post holes to dig. It’s almost to the point where my arms might be slightly toned now. Luckily my beer gut betrays any nonsensical notion of me being physically fit, by any scope of the imagination. All this nonsense is good for me in sone regards after all. I’ll have slightly toned arms when the stress lands me in a pine box because of a heart attack.

This is my first post via iPhone on WordPress. It seems pretty easy. Though obviously devoid of photos so I’m not sure of the functionality of that.

What else….hmmm….if I leave you here I have to go back to staring at the ceiling….4:48 am.

For those of you interested, the dogwoods are blooming now. A lot of them were decimated in construction but I count at least two that are flowering. And I think a couple of the trees we transplanted by the drive are dogwoods. Very much this equals happiness for us.

Ok ok I’m done rambling. Back to counting sheep.

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