Home Sweet Home

I’m exhausted, but I present to you my first post from our new home.  Today is about ten months after we broke ground, and fittingly it’s Earth Day.  The last few days have been hectic and draining to myself and the family physically, emotionally, and mentally.  My crack team of movers did a stellar job of getting all the large furniture and boxes into the house yesterday.  There have been a ton of tears and a handful of laughs in the meantime.  It’ll be weeks before any of us are at ease, but each day will get better. I’m pretty much brain-dead tonight so I’ll leave you with a list of first impressions on the move and house. 

1) Holy crap do we have a lot of hutches.  We moved four horizontal hutch type things from house A to house B.  On top of that were four chests of drawers, and at least four vertical hutch like things.  My friends (i.e. the movers) hate me.

2) First thing to buy are area rugs for the Family Room and Dining Room.  Having two toddlers running around on ice rink slick hardwood floors is a recipe for disaster.  Tonight was “climb the bear foot stool and jump on the big chair, while dad has chest pains” night, with no wall to wall carpeting safety net.

3) I have no idea why our $5,000 oven doesn’t work.  I figured out how to turn on the gas valve, but when I turn the knob on for the electric oven portion nothing happens.  The electric clock works though.  We’ve lived here twenty hours and I already have to call a repair man.  I can tell what time it is and that we’ll starve to death unless I unpack the NuWave oven forthwith. I’m going to store ceramic unicorns in the fancy oven in lieu of cooking with it.

4) The house is freakishly hot then cold.  Either I’m going through “the change” or the thermal properties of the house will take some getting used to.  I need to stop blogging; the typing is causing  me to build up a sweat.

5) If I load our small trailer up one more time I will cry.  First I hook it up to the RAV4, then drive over to the other house, then I grab a bunch of our crap in a panic and stuff it into the trailer (hitting my head on the door frame).  Then I drive all our crap fifteen minutes to the new place and unload it all, hitting my head on the trailer door frame.  Repeat.  I estimate I have thirty-seven hundred trips left to make.

6) I do not know how to turn on the lights.  At the bottom of the stairs I flip a switch and the hall lights turn instead of turning the stair lights off.  By the front door I turn on a switch and the spot lights go on in the back yard.  There is no switch for the garage lights anywhere.  I can only think that when I flip the switch by the porch…the one where nothing seemingly happens when I click it up and down….well, I like to imagine somewhere in electrician hell a light goes on and off inexplicably.

7) Having a lot of crap means that when you do finally move it and set it up, even a foreign place can start to feel like home.  The old couch, that tv….the scary cat bowl we got as a gift…they’re all a part of our lives and they earn their keep during times like this.  Best to get it all set up ASAP. Same shit, different day (and location).

Oh well, that’s all I got for now.  Happy Earth Day.

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