Home Sweet Home Day Two

I survived day two.  We’re making some progress and some steps backwards. 

My morning shower greeted me with cold water.  I checked the sink and hot water came out of that.  I went down to look at the hot water tank for no known reason.  As an aside, our new hot water tank doesn’t have the neat temperature meter with buttons that we had in our old house.  Too bad, it was handy for adjusting the temperature and it even had a “vacation” mode that allowed you to lower the heat on the tank when away to save money.  Guess the hot water tank industry is regressing or we got a cheapo cookie cutter one in the new house.  Eventually I may look into switching it out for one that has the easy temperature control. The one we have now you have to remove an access panel and find a screw driver to adjust the temperature.  Anyway, back upstairs I went.  Then it struck me, I reached out and turned the shower lever towards “cold”.  Sure as shit, the water warmed up.  I literally laughed out loud, par for the course. The plumbing in our shower was rigged backwards.  I didn’t go to plumbing college, but I’d think they’d teach you to check that during the first week or two.   

Add that to the list.  Other items on the list include a plug that prevents my washing machine drain pipe from being used (it’s draining into the sink for now), some gas line that needs to be replaced, no dial tones on the phones, mis-rigged gutters, unfinished doors, hole in our vanity, and the oven that doesn’t work.

One thing I did fix today, with the help of my father-in-law, is the dryer vent.  The HVAC guys inserted a 10″ long (four inch diameter) vent pipe into the wall.  The pipe fell about 3″ short of the inside of the wall but that didn’t seem to bother anyone.  We ended up buying a new pipe at Lowes and cutting it to 17 inches.  This gave me plenty of pipe to clamp the flexible dryer hose to on the inside.  I had to shave away quite a bit of wood trim, plywood and insulation to get the hole to be the right size and shape to allow the pipe into the house.  I’ll hit it with some caulk inside and out, but for now it’ll be fine. 

So much for new construction being easier than the renovation of an old house.  Building this house proved to me that most of the trades are primarily interested in just collecting a check.  A sense of craftsmanship, or going the extra mile, is a thing of the past.  Building an expensive house doesn’t afford you any extras in terms of attention to detail.  I don’t know if I pissed them off by asking them not to poop in boxes, but they pretty much just mailed it in for the most part when working on our house.  Who can blame them I suppose.  In some cases like the dryer vent it’s easier for me to fix it myself than to wait for an appointment and have some worker track mud all over my house.  So most of the time it’s worth it for them to do a half assed job cause probably only a handful of people call them on it.  It is what it is.  No big deal.

Tomorrow we should be able to start really unpacking now that repairs are underway throughout the house.  Right now the place looks like a disaster area strewn with toys, dishes and boxes.  It’ll get better with each passing day. 


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