seven apple trees

Okay, so I was going to start off with what’s going on at the new house, and I will get to that, but first off I’m kinda irked today cause some a-holes wanted to blow up my bridge that we all saw in a previous post here on my blog back in January.  Yes I consider it my bridge, as do a lot of people around here.  I’ve spent about thirty years of my life living within five miles of that bridge.  I fished under its breath taking spans as a young boy, catching the occasional bluegill while soaking up the summer sun.  I’ve walked under it and driven over it thousands of times.  Every trip referenced in this blog where the Rabbit and I were on some adventure going between the old place and new place took me over that bridge.  Fortunately the FBI nabbed these terrorists and no harm was done to innocent people and our bridge.  Gheez, what the hell is wrong with the world today. 

Alright, back to the less important stuff, our house.  Yesterday we kicked off the landscaping by spray painting the front yard and planting beds.  I scaled out our professionally designed plan and with the help of the wife we laid out everything. 

You can see in the layout there’s a large grass yard in front surrounded by a pair of beds.  To the right you can see the apple orchard.  Phase one is strictly the front yard.  Phase two will be in the Fall or next year.  We shortened the yard about 5-15 feet to conform to the natural lay of the land.  We didn’t want to disturb any more of the land than was necessary, and the space remaining after this adjustment is plenty large for the yard.  One area that did get compromised because we left some bushes and trees standing is the orchard.  Like the title says, “nine apple trees” may very well become “seven apple trees” when it is all said and done.  We’ll see, the jury is still out. 

To the south of the lawn, we’ll plant five black gum trees.  We moved them in towards the house 5′-15′ closer as well.  Behind them is a natural swale that we didn’t want to disturb.  At the east end the last gum tree will stand nestled amongst a rough cherry tree we saved and a thorny bush.  From there the boxwood planting bed picks up, outlined by a walking path on one side and the lawn on the other.

The biggest problem we have is the cistern “lids” are smack dab in the middle of the yard.  An unfortunate occurence I thought we could avoid or temper by bringing out the planting bed to surround them.  For now we’ll grass around them.  My thought is to create a meditative rock garden outcropping around the lids and cover them with a thin layer of pea gravel. 

Between the house and garage we’ll have a flagstone walkway installed.  The walkway will be complimented by planting beds and pea gravel access walkways.  The conceptual intent is that guests will park and migrate through the orchard and approach the house along the south face of the garage.  That is yet to be seen, but it certainly will be the more interesting approach as opposed to going around back.

Finally there’s a gigantic bed guarding the southwest portion of the house.  It measures up to twenty feet deep at certain points.  Once everything is roughed in we’ll source and plant all the plants ourselves.  It’s easy work and will save us some money.

Elsewhere outside we started planting our baby trees.  The fir-tree saplings looked to be in decent shape.  It was nice to plant them with our oldest son; his first time planting trees.  He totally loved it.  His little shovel dropping top soil around each tiny little tree.  We must’ve planted twenty pine trees this evening.  The shade and nut trees will get planted later this week.

The worst part of the evening was discovering a tick embedded on my leg.  I figured the ticks weren’t out yet as not much is growing yet in the bush, but sure enough I picked one up.  Hopefully once the grass is in and the regular bushes are planted the ticks will stick to their wild side of the yard.

Inside the house we’re battling box after box.  The house has a significantly smaller amount of storage compared to the old place.  Our modern kitchen looks great but is a real challenge for housing our stuff.  We’ll be fine, just need to organize and re-organize and get rid of some stuff (or store it elsewhere). 

(LOL I’m watching Jay Leno….talking about Jessica Simpson having her baby “The baby weighed fifty-four pounds……When her water broke, FEMA responded”.  Bwahaha. But I digress….)

The family room and dining room are very small in the new house.  It will be interesting to get the two area rugs in here from Crate & Barrel.  One (striped) is 8×10 and the other (neutral) is 9×12.  This will afford us some flexibility when entertaining, as we can switch sizes depending on if we’re entertaining primarily in the dining room or family room.  The dining room table barely fits without a leaf.  Adding a leaf I think we’ll do six person seating park bench style, that is to say three across on each side.  I’m really happy with the dining room lights, though my spacing is a bit wide. 

Okay, it’s late.  Lots to do tomorrow.  In the meantime, hug your favorite bridge cause you never know when it might be gone.

P.S. Exterior paint color reveal is soon….place your bets now.  Let us know what you’d do.

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