Corylus americana

Landscaping has yet to begin, but my boy and I continued our quest to plant our little trees.  Today we planted four American Hazelnut trees.  In order to stay tick free we picked out a spot along in the back yard, near where the excavated soil ends; keeping us safely out of the long grass. This area gets full sun which should make our nut trees happy.

seedlings are less than a foot tall. They and the house are the same age. They can celebrate birthdays together. I’m marking each with a labeled stake.



We planted four hazelnut saplings / seedlings. We spaced them apart so they could reach their full width but close enough that they can “mate”, therefore producing actual hazelnuts.

 To plant I dug up and loosened a foot diameter hole and dropped in our baby tree.  We then placed some of our handy-dandy top soil, from the house excavation, into the hole and surrounded the tree’s roots.  American Hazelnut trees grow upto 18′ tall and have a 12′ spread.  They’ll actually be more shrub like or small tree like, not towering like an oak.  The nuts should attract deer, squirrels and woodpeckers.  Just the other day we had a woodpecker working one of our free-standing dead trees.  And we’ve seen lots of deer on a daily basis.  I’m looking forward to seeing what our small hazelnut orchard attracts over the years.  Speaking of critters, I did spread some organic materials around each tree to dissuade small and medium critters from eating the baby trees.  We’ll see how that goes.

Inside the house we found an ant which tells me the house isn’t as tight as we would have liked.  Outside the ants are loving the porch areas where the workers failed to protect the blue insulating foam.  I’ll need to get out there and address the situation myself with a permanent solution in the coming weeks.  In the meantime I’ll resort to harmful chemicals or other methods to combat the ants before they have a chance to completely decimate our insulation from the outside in.  This is one instance where it would have paid to have experienced professionals on site during installation.  Nature will find the weak spots every single time. 

We’re also dealing with several gremlins including an ice maker that doesn’t work and random dead phone lines here and there.  Despite the ever-growing “to do” list, it was nice to sit down and have a “normal” family dinner tonight though.  We’re slowly easing into normalcy.  I’ll have to get my studio up and running to so I can focus on painting and less on fixing our new house.


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