Landscape Day

After a few days of semi wet weather landscaping finally got underway.  Don’t get the wrong impression, we can’t actually afford landscaping but we need to do something; looking and tracking mud and dirt everywhere isn’t a viable option really.

I came home excited to see everything the excavators had done today.  I wasn’t disappointed.  All the planting beds are roughed in and top soil is spread everywhere in the front for the grassy yard parts.  Even the cistern’s protruding bits are shaping up with their complimentary rocks hanging out around them.  The walkways are set in place, each finished in their fine #9 pea gravel.  The same gravel is used as the base for the flagstone walkway.  I’ll get up bright and early to go pick out the flag stone on my way to work.

We’ll carve some time out this weekend to finish planting our baby trees and we very well may run up to the nursery and start picking up a few bushes.  Planting them will go a long way to making it feel more homey.  We’re starting to get into our routine, but it doesn’t feel like home yet.  It will take a while and doing stuff like planting bushes helps.

I didn’t get much accomplished tonight, but it was nice to get out in the yard and water the little trees and check out the yard.  We have the cutest black and white cat hanging out in the yard.  You can see him in the one picture if you squint really hard.  I also was greeted by our resident half-dozen white-tailed deer.  They snorted at me as I watered our hazelnut trees.  We also saw a big fluffy racoon.  Look, building the house and moving out here was a mistake in many regards, but when it comes to wildlife, this is exactly why we did it.  As the sun set it was energizing to hear all the birds, see the animals running around the yard.  I think I’ve seen every kind of animal one could see in northeast Ohio in our yard or near our property.  The sky is filled with a steady stream of ducks, geese, hawks and more.  It’s really exciting and we’re truly fortunate.  Like we’re in on a little secret that cookie cutter suburbia has turned a blind eye towards, and urban dwellers are unable to access.

Pics for tonight, more tomorrow.

tough to see delineation, but you’re looking at front yard on left, giant planting bed on right.

If you squint, you can see kitty on far side of driveway laying in the grass. Meditative rock garden forming in foreground.

#9 limestone pea gravel will provide base for flagstone walkway. Planting bed separates walkway from driveway.

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