Rvr Birch

Today the excavators continued to work on the landscaping.  Before leaving for work I got to watch them use this cool Bobcat attachment that basically swept the top soil and removed all the twigs and rocks.  It was very cool.  I then stopped out at the stone yard and looked at flagstone for the walkway.  Pretty much any color of natural stone would suffice sans chocolate or a really grey, grey.  Size wise what I looked at was small to medium sandstone (I think) about two inches thick. 

Getting home it was awesome to see all the straw in place.  And there was a big pallet of stone, larger ones than I thought we were getting but what I had imagined.  Color of the stone is a greyish tone so they should suffice.

I planted eight more baby trees.  Four Red Oaks and four River Birches.  This weekend I really want to go get some bushes to plant; we’ll see if time and money permit.

future stone garden. Only way I can think of to distract from big mechanical hatches in yard.


range hood has cool LED lights for nighttime. Kitchen cabinets still lack doors.

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