Studio Day and Whatnot

Happiness, today I used my studio for what it was meant for finally.  Paint was applied to canvas.  I’ve got an art show coming up in four weeks so procrastination and binge drinking are no longer viable options.  Headphones plugged in I worked on several in progress paintings.  I felt like a man just released from prison.  Ugh, if only I could bottle that feeling and keep it in a flask.  Was good to get that feeling again; even if I was a bit rusty.  None of the paintings are looking good but I’ve got time to save each of them.  Shooting to finish thirteen of them between now and then to replenish inventory.

Still no desire to sleep so I’ll share with you what else is going on.  The freezer is fixed (maybe)!  We have a Sub-Zero 27″ integrated freezer.  It pooped out one batch of ice cubes and that was it.  The repair man checked it out and what happens is, if the ice maker is on and the water is turned off (and drained, presumably) the maker will continue to try to pull water.  Finding none it will freeze the last little bit in the line.  When the water comes back on the water won’t get past the frozen plug in the line.  So the important thing will be to put a sign in the basement that says something to the effect “Turn ice maker off before turning water off.  Only other hang up with the integrated fridge and freezer are the weight of the doors.  They’re tough to open and we don’t want a handle to mar our modern design.  We’re going to investigate our options, from trimming the door panels up to redo-ing the kitchen. 

Speaking of redo-ing things sort of, I’d love to have California Closets or some other company come in and do our pantry organization.  I organized it after dinner and while the simple shelves are nice, it is such a small pantry I’d like to eek out every square inch of space.  This is at the top of the dream list. 

We’re trying to roster up the order to finish items.  Hall closet shelves, laundry room storage and office built-ins are among those items on the list.  Not to mention landscaping. 

Last thing I’ll mention is there are a lot of animals out here which is great.  Today we had a turtle and a pair of toads living in the temporary puddle in our front yard.  It rained again today sadly (more water for cistern though).  Yesterday there were two ducks swimming in our yard. We get a ton of birds including cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers.  Obviously being Northeast Ohio, there are a lot of deer too.  The neighborhood cat stopped by to say as well today.  Nearby I’ve seen turkey’s and coyotes.  There are just a lot of great animals around here.

Ok I’m finally tired.  Here are some pics. 




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