Never Ending

OMG, way too many baby sapling trees.  Planted eight more tonight.  White oaks, and Butternut trees.  The other day I forget what I planted….hmmm…red maples maybe.  I have black walnuts and sugar maples left, eight of each to plant.  I’m running out of spots so I’ll have to brave the “tall grass”.

Mulch was delivered today so you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  Poor grass,  I’m pretty sure it’s not coming in and we have two payments on its installation still.  Makes me want to vomit.  I’d rather gargle my vomit that deal with that proposition.  Curse you Mother Nature….I planted you like a ton of baby trees (me shaking fists) for you.

But the worst of all is we’re in the middle of negotiations to sell the old house.  We got an offer yesterday.  Ugh, this is always so gut wrenching.  You always feel like you could eek out a little more.  We’ll see.  Wife is fussy, but I say she should be happy she doesn’t have to get a job outside the home.  She agrees (even if she won’t admit it).  The whole process is so stressful.  Miracle if I don’t drop dead soon.

At some point I probably just need to get drunk on my back porch and watch the bats fly around, but that’s probably not gonna happen this weekend.  Too much to do.  Plus I’m making progress on painting pictures in my studio so that’s good.  Kitty finally came in to visit me and enjoy my fine concrete floor.  Kitty loves concrete floors. 

In the end, as long as kitty is happy does anything else really matter?  I need to find her toys in a box somewhere and break ’em out so she can play.  Time for kitty to be settled.  Time for all of us to be settled……until my next hair brained idea.

Never ending.

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