Red Twig Dogwood

Saturday we traveled to Chagrin Valley Nurseries and found our elusive Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’.  They were a little leggy and rough but that’s the way we like our plants, so we gleefully adopted three of them, as specified by our landscape plan.  We now officially have one bed done!  Happiness. These red twig dogwoods will look awesome in winter and will welcome guests during the snowy months with showy red branches that will contrast nicely with the landscape and house.  The ‘Sibirica’ variety specified were hard to come by but we’re glad we found them at a local nursery.  We can cut them back in the Spring; for now they’re just going to be leggy.

We also had ten yards of Eco Mulch delivered from Kurtz Brothers.  What’s cool about this mulch is it’s made from recycled construction waste, so in theory some of the wood in our mulch could have originated as construction debris from our exact house.  The plants like it because the mulch contributes nutrients to the soil.  The typical black colored mulch that we usually like to use adds virtually nothing to the soil.

Elsewhere we started planting our berry bushes.  We planted two types of blueberries, and one type of raspberries.  We’ll be picking up some blackberry bushes as well.  For many of these plants, including the raspberries and eventually the apple trees, we’ll need two varieties to get cross pollination and eventually fruit.  Strawberry plants, and two arctic kiwi trees round out the weekend’s acquisitions.  The kiwi’s were and impulse buy; something we can experiment with and add some exotic spice to our garden.

I finished planting all the baby trees as well this weekend.  Eight black walnuts, eight sugar maples, some red maples, and butternuts rounded out the new tree list.  In all we planted upwards of forty saplings on the property.  We have yet to plant any larger trees but those will be coming soon.  We’re working on the pricing for the Black Gum trees and apple trees that will go in the front yard.


Spray painting the back yard to see how it is laying out.

Spreading mulch. Yay! This bed is done!

Red Twig Dogwoods are in center between the boxwoods

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