We have baby grass. 

This is about $2,000 worth of grass. No it’s not that kind of grass. It’s the common variety you probably have in your yard.


As you may have read in my previous post, Mother Nature wiped out all the grass seed that we recently had planted.  Cost for all the landscaping we had done was in the ballpark of $7,000 one-third of which was for the grass.  A few days later a huge rainstorm decimated the yard by washing away all of the grass seed and turning all of the top soil into concrete.  Today I saw the first signs that something was still able to grow.  The little patch in the photo was an area where the grass seed pooled during the downpour.  I looked elsewhere and found a few other pockets.  It is incredibly delightful to see the grass, though most of the area is and will remain barren.  I need to get to Home Depot and pick up a garden weasel type tool, and some grass seed.  We’ve blown our budget so from here on out it’s me, the dirt and elbow grease to try to get grass to grow this Spring. 

I will say, Home Depot gets credit today for coming through with a good replacement wheelbarrow tire.  The one I bought at their rival fell apart, partly due to my fault.  The old replacement tire came with two axle spacers…it was supposed to have four.  I still installed it and it imploded yesterday, its plastic hub fractured in half.  The new one I got for around $24 at HD has a nice metal hub and a full complement of spacers.  In fact it has replacement plastic hubs that will allow me to fix up the other tire I’ve got.  One point to Home Depot in my unofficial comparo of home building supply stores.

Both garage doors were broken today, and I “fixed” both of them myself.  One door wouldn’t budge this morning so I called it in to get it fixed.  After work I looked at it again and wiggled each wheel.  That did the trick.  The other door had a wheel sitting completely out of the track.  I have no idea how that happened.  I got up on the ladder, raised the door all the way up and twisted the track.  As I twisted I inserted the wheel back into the track.  Viola! Garage door wheel inserted back into track.  Weird.

Other fun stuff included spreading more mulch, almost done with that.  I also chased off a huge deer in the back yard when I went to go compost some arugila….ugh, so I scampered out as the sun set, and put up bird netting around the berry plants, while bathed in floodlights.  I ran out of netting so don’t tell the deer that there are whole sections missing netting.  I don’t even have twine otherwise that alone would’ve done the trick.

Hey, speaking of flood lights, I’m still amazed at how un-user friendly our exterior lighting is.  Anything light wise in the garage requires us to be in the garage to turn on as far as we can tell.  So when we hear a bump in the night I have to run outside, tell the guy in the hockey mask to chill out for a minute while I fumble with my keys to open the garage door, go inside the garage, turn on the floodlights or breezeway lights, close the door, lock it, return to the house, then yell out to the guy with the mask to scamper across the light in a menacing manner.  Gheez, frankly I suspect the f*cking mask guy’s union rep is going to call me and tell me that it’s all a bit excessive and we’ll have to pay time and a half.  I will forward the bill to our former electrician. 

Inside I’ve been hanging some little bits of art and we now have our clock in the kitchen.  It’s not too bad looking.  Eventually we can get something modern and more Dwell worthy, but for now it’s fine.  Actually the house looks like a train wreck inside.  Aparently people in Dwell and Fine Homebuilding do not have two toddler boys living in their homes.  Our kitchen alone looks like something out of a trailer park.  Ah the best laid plans of mice and men…..oh well, it works for us generally speaking.  Still would love to have cabinet doors but hey, why ask for so much.

Ok, I need to stop staying up so late (and really need to get back in the studio; though not tonight).  Time is the most important commodity that I have right now (money would be if there was any).  Seeing the little tuft of green grass did wonders for me though.  It was so bright, I would flip out if the whole yard was like that.  I can’t wait until the house is painted and we have some semblance of a yard in.  The house will “pop”.  Sigh, one of these days.

Panco crusted chicken (topped with arugula and carrots in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing). We’re making a point to cook and use our fancy appliances.


We tried to have a cool looking kitchen but then life got in the way. So we’ve just got a trailer trash looking kitchen that has really shiny appliances.

Someday we’ll have cabinet doors above range and coffee altar.

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