So many things to talk about today.  I should be working on art but I’m giving myself a pass since it was 9:30 before I finally sat down and ate dinner.  My left eye lid twitches uncontrollably….I need a beer…..(stay there a second, I’ll be right back).Ok, I’m back (mmm….Great Lakes Brewing Co. Dortmunder Gold).  So where to start…right out of the gate the wife reported we had grass popping up all over.  Not a yard’s worth but at least not all was lost.  Then the glass guy showed up and fixed the shower door, no questions asked.  Go “Glassman”.  Thank you. 

Crate and Barrel delivered our family room and dining room rugs early in the day.  The wife single-handedly moved all the furniture and laid out the rug pad and 9×12 Baxter area rug.  Impressive.  We laid out the 8×10 Gianni dining room rug when I got home.  By the way if you’re getting a rug, get a grippy rug pad for underneath.  It will help soften your steps, and make things feel generally more comfortable.  We simply laid the rug on top, flipped the edges of the rug back, and  cut our rug pad 3-4 inches from the edge of the rug, using regular fabric scissors.  The rugs look awesome.  Overall our interior decorating / space planning in the family / dining room area is a train wreck that will take some creativity to salvage.

Back outside the painters got started today.  Most of the house is primed.  Painting should take two weeks and require three coats including the primer coat (to seal the Miratec siding material).

The most exciting thing that happened today is a tie between two items.  One is I found a Garden Weasel at Sears!!!!!  I desperately searched Home Depot and Lowes.  Lowes had no such animal and HD was out.  Way to go Sears!  Now I can rough up my ground, get exercise and plant various seeds everywhere.  Look, life for me is basically over for all intents and purposes.  Whatever dreams and aspirations I once had are now bitter memories, stomached only with a steady diet of cold beer and sarcasm.  For me, finding a Garden Weasel is as good as it gets.  After watering the berry bushes I inexplicably garden weaseled a patch of dirt and planted wildflower seeds.  The mulch had to wait for another night.  Tonight was Garden Weasel night.  All hail the Garden Weasel.

The other exciting thing was we got some “hardware” tonight.  “Hardware” is the kick ass trophies, certificates, medals and shit you get when you, or something you did, or something you are credited for doing stands out compared to the half-assed effort everyone else mail in on a that day…..

We got our Energy Star 2.5 certificate and electrical panel sticker.  Here are some highlights:

  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 41 is our rater’s lowest figure that he’s certified.  A zero energy house has a score of 0.  A typical new house is around 70-85.  An old existing house is typically 100-130.  Compared to a 130 rated house we save $3400 annually in energy costs.  About $1700 compared to a regular new house.  So over a 30 year loan we’ll save $51K-$102K in energy savings assuming energy prices don’t go up in the next thirty years. 
  • Estimated annual energy costs for our 4780 sq. ft home (includes conditioned basement) should be $2,450.20.  A bit high but we have a lot of lights ($1,090 of annual total), not all of which are used all the time; they still influence our score though.  Figures calculated using CFL bulbs. 
  • Lights, appliances and heating are biggest projected energy consumers.  Cooling and water heating are least.
  • 5 star plus rating puts us in the top 1% of energy efficient houses in the country.
  • ACH (Air Changes per Hour) @ 50 Pascals is 2.25.  This measurement of how tight the house is, can be improved once I install fanboard in the crawlspaces and we finish the basement off.  PassivHaus standards require this figure to be 0.6 or less.  EnergyStar 2.5 requires 4 or less.  Not bad for our first try with new comers to these construction processes.
  • There are 1 million EnergyStar homes in the US since the program began in 1995.
  • Almost 39,000 Energy Star homes in Ohio

This is all very exciting.  I’ll keep a close eye on our utility bills and keep you posted.  Okay, I gotta get to bed.  Another long day tomorrow.  Here are today’s pics.

Energy Star Sticker – HERS rating is 41

Our certificate awaiting framing.

mmmm Garden Weasel

Family Room wool area rug

No, kids are not helpful when laying down area rugs.

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