SW7675 Sealskin

That’s the color of our house.  SW7675 Sealskin from Sherwin Williams’ Global Spice palette.  That’s the same pallete we’re using inside the house.  In case you are wondering, “Sealskin” is the same color as the skin on a seal. 

3 coats required. one primer and two top coats.

We were thinking of painting the house an orange / red color.  We had absolutely no reservations about using such a bright color.  It really came down to seeing a dark blue-charcoal color house and really liking its color.  The blue part wouldn’t fly on our place but charcoal does all the way.  Sealskin was darker than the grey roof color so it wouldn’t look to “matchy matchy” but still be appropriate.  But it wasn’t as dark as Urbane Bronze which was a bit too bold for our comfort zone.  Bright orange would have suffered seasonally especially at Christmas time.  White was another option but deemed way too common.  Plus white trim wouldn’t pop out.

The nice charcoal color will look great year round.  Everything with color pops against a dark grey background.  Flowers will stand out in Spring and Summer.  Fall colors will warm up against a backdrop of dark grey.  And Winter seasonal decor and tradition will be right at home.  Should be fantastic.

Sections of house are delineated by color

The attic, master wing and front door corner will all be painted Sealskin.  The remainder of the house will be weathered red cedar.  All the trim will be a bright white.  The intent between painting different sections of the house different colors or making them different textures is to give the viewer the impression that the house was built in stages or it is made up of several smaller structures.  This ties into the historical homes, mills, and shops in the area that, through the ages, have grown and evolved.  The contrast of the bright white trim will keep everything feeling fresh, clean and contemporary.

 Alright, I’m going to bed.  Been up since 6:30am working, making dinner, watering the lawn, planting flowers and painting art.  This makes for a long day, but also a very good day.

This weekend is more of the same.  No rest for the weary.


The meager beginnings of our Gentleman’s Farm. Various berry bushes, some kiwi trees, tomato plants and four carrots.

5 thoughts on “SW7675 Sealskin

  1. I love sealskin. I started painting furniture on my deck with this paint and have moved on to a trellis in the backyard. I also painted my front porch swing. It is a color that blends so harmoniously with the natural environment that you don’t notice it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thanks for posting your house. I’ve been thinking about painting a new home this color. I also think it is a perfect blend with cedar.


      • Thank you for your response! I’ve chosen Sealskin for my exterior but I’m struggling with the “perfect” white. I’m probably overthinking it. You’re home is beautiful and I enjoy all your pictures! Thanks again!


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