RIP Customer Service

Once again not much is going on.  Same old same old.  No rain.  Unpacking boxes.  Starting to work on art.

The house is mostly done being painted, but alas I have not a picture for your tonight.  Elsewhere we’re spreading mulch in the yard.  We had some left over so we’re spreading it around the perimeter of the house to keep mud from splashing up onto the house and its new paint job.  The lack of rain has rendered the yard pretty much dead in its tracks. 

We’re on round two of repairs for the ice maker in our Sub Zero freezer, as well as the plumbing in the basement.  Having repair guys at our house is pretty much the norm since we’ve moved in. 

I was going to rant about the lack of customer service in our world today but decided that I’m so beaten down by the reality that I don’t care enough tonight to rant.  The latest example was at Lowes.  We were trying to order some cabinets for the house.  They have a great deal going on…bunch of free cabinets, 10% back and 18 mos. zero interest.  We had been several times picking and planning.  Tonight was the last night to get in on the deal so we went in.  Our regular salesperson was busy so another woman helped us out.  Well halfway through her friend shows up and she drops us and says she has to get her friend’s order finished.  Um, hello…you offered to help us out and now you’re dropping us?  The other customer was totally oblivious.  She even sat in my chair when I stepped away for a second.  We came this close to not even ordering from Lowes, but it was a pretty good deal and the zero percent was hard to pass up too.  And for my sanity I need office cabinets so I can set up my computer and files / paperwork and return to some semblance of organization.  Just frosts my cookies that people are so oblivious.  Obviously it didn’t faze us cause we still dropped a few grand on cabinets.

But in the grand scheme of things, building this house and just dealing with society in general has shown that customer service is dead today.  Another example is I’m lucky if one in five people or businesses I want to hire for a job, product or service even call me back. Everyone bitches the economy stinks, well I shouldn’t have to beg people to take my money.  Even when they do take your money it’s a crap shoot whether they’ll do what they promised, when they promised it and do it in a quality manner.  With so many options you’d think consumers have the upper hand but the choices we have are so dismal I’m not sure consumers have much choice other than to choose not to spend.  This is obviously not something my family is going to do as we’re hemorrhaging money like there’s no tomorrow.  We’re gladly taking it in the ass and paying top dollar for it thank you very much.  By the way, Chipotle massacred my burrito again tonight and forgot to give me the bag of chips I paid for.  Customer service sucks everywhere in 2012.

It’s to the point where god doesn’t even help those who help themselves anymore seemingly.  A little gentle consistent rain would be awesome big fellow.

Alright, that’s it.  Like I said, not much going on.

Still no doors on our cabinets, but I did make more shelves. These are just Rubbermaid shelves from Home Depot that I cut down to size and rested them on metal pins

Freezer is being serviced tomorrow so I removed kick plate on our Sub Zero integrated unit. The pantry trim is in the way but I managed. If the unit needs to come out then the trim is removable via hidden screws.

The little grey cat has made a habit of visiting my studio while I paint. She’s about the only entity on this planet that makes an effort to keep my blood pressure down.

Memorial Day weekend was a opportunity for us to roast s’mores for the first time at the new homestead.

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