Ice Maker Problem Solved

My wife should be an appliance repair person she says.  She proposed to the repairman what was wrong with the ice maker and it was deemed to be a viable culprit.  Twice now the repairman has been out to repair the ice maker on the Sub Zero 27″ integrated freezer we had installed new.  The water line is freezing up when the water is shut off as the unit attempts to suck air and the last little bits of water up from the supply line.

The culprit we suspect is our meager water pressure.  The pressure is okay if you do ONE thing water related, but if you flush the toilet, water a plant, run the washing machine, etc. the water supply system basically dies out.  When that happens the freezer is starved for water and must be causing some sort of failure in the ice making system, i.e. fresh new water keep water line from freezing.  This is all in theory but it stands to reason in my mind.  Our high-end freezer brought to its knees by low water pressure apparently.  The technician did show us how to clean out the line if it freezes up again.  We’ll run the ice maker at nite only which should solve the problem.  Nothing like spending a fortune and having to employ a “work around”.  Not the first or last for a house that hates us I suspect.

Water pressure is so low in our house because the filter that keeps microbes and chlorine out of the water supply also saps it of a lot of pressure.  A new filter should help but every 2-3 months pressure will start dropping.  Long term there may be some things we can do.  For now we’ll just hit the “ICE” button before going to bed and turn it off when we wake up.

Cabinets are ordered for the studios finally, after last night’s Lowes cabinet ordering fiasco.  Finish wise all the cabinets are Espresso colored which should go with the tile downstairs and the laminate floors upstairs.  We wanted white upstairs in Christine’s studio but white ended up costing nearly twice as much.  I’ll take Espresso maple and paint them down the road if need be.  Crazy world we live in where that’s the pricing structure.  They’re Shenandoah cabinets by the way.  The wife and I will install them ourselves when they show up in a few weeks.  Countertop wise we’ll finish hers off in Hardrock Maple laminate to match some other tables she has as well as the hardwood downstairs, and mine will be some sort of faux cement color laminate to match my studio floor.  We wanted to wait but the storage will be awesome to have early on and be a stress reducer as we settle in.

The forecast is calling for rain tonight and tomorrow which would be incredibly awesome.  The cistern needs to be filled up and all our plants are on their last leg so to speak.  We’ll move some more stuff over this weekend in preparation for closing on the sale of the old house.  Randon mitigation on the old place will only cost $800 which is good.  It’ll be an outdoor system which is less expensive.  Basically a fan and pipe running up the side of the house.  I’ll have to put getting a test on the new house on my “to do” list.  In theory the new house is so tight nothing should be getting in but technically there is a uncaulked seem between the concrete slab and the Superior walls.  Plus we have a sump pump and a crock for pumping the sewage up to the septic tank.  So plenty of places for radon to get in.  Not sure how much the radioactive earth is decaying under our new house, I know blue clay is decaying shale (I think) but that doesn’t sound radioactive to me….anyway….

This project has taught me enough to be slightly more dangerous at Jeopardy and definitely more of a bore at cocktail parties.  I can, and will, tell you everything you should and shouldn’t do when designing and building your eco-friendly new house.  This project cost me a lot, and I’m not just talking about money.  But it also taught me a few things.  Don’t ask me if I’d do it again just like we did cause the answer would be “no”, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing.  Just means I know more now than I did then.

Alright enough of this nonsense.  Here are today’s pics

Very cool contrails awaited my return home tonight.

house is painted urbane bronze from Sherwin Williams. Can’t wait to get porches finished, they’ll be white and bring it all together visually. Note, that gutter….we should have hidden it with the white corner trim. Boo, poor planning on my part.

Okay, in my top five is going to the movies, esp. here at the Cinemark in Valley View. Nothing soothes the soul like some Thursday evening escapism. We saw ‘Dark Shadows’ tonight . I liked it. By the way theater design at this location is head and shoulders above most other places, inside and out. Yay asymmetry on facades.

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