Still Moving

3,000 square feet upstairs, another 1,000 downstairs and it’s all covered in crap and boxes. There’s no chance that we’re settled any time before 2016 or 2017. Don’t expect an invite for dinner anytime soon.

We’re down to a handful of days to empty the old house.  And we’re working on upcoming art shows including one this weekend.  The new house is a train wreck of boxes; something like a scene out of one of those hoarding tv shows.    I can only pray our kids don’t grow up to be like us, and hopefully they have sense enough to throw it all in a dumpster when we are dead and gone.  We’ve been moving stuff for several weeks now and it will come down to the wire to see if we finish on time.  In addition to the constant chest pains, back pains, and leg pain, I’ve (seemingly) broken a finger and a toe moving.  What a wreck.

Outside the blueberries are ripening and the kiwi trees are finally planted.  Deer eat kiwi trees by the way so I had to fashion bird netting arrangements to protect them.

blueberries are bluing.

male kiwi (or female) hanging out under protection from deer.




Tonight I did clean off part of the kitchen.  For my sanity I wanted a clean counter to make dinner on, devoid of clutter.  That and some wine went a long way in short order. 

clean counters, even if for one night.








The screen porch furniture showed up the other day so I’ll be putting that together soon.  I’ll share that info with you.  I’m contemplating starting the construction of the screen porch by myself soon too.  Not sure how to do it but I’ll figure something out. 

sad mom hugs old dining room argyle wall

laundry room in old house, we’ll replicate this in the new house.

Family room where I spent two weeks holding our oldest son in my arms for four hour shifts when he came home from the hospital as a new baby. Also where he swung his first bat and golf club. Site of a lot of crawling, playing, laughing and crying too. I designed fireplace and entertainment center. Now somebody gets to come in and change it all up and render everything just a memory.

painting I did in old nursery. Soon to be overpainted by new owners i suspect, thus closing that chapter forever.

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