Hillbilly Potting and Cabinets

Sorry my computer’s been in the shop so to speak.  Problem didn’t get solved but at least I got it back.  Apparently you shouldn’t click on pop ads that you stumble upon when “researching” things on the internet.

That last few days have fairly full of chores.  It’s been hot and dry so we’re watering as best we can.  We cleaned out all the flower pots in the yard so they don’t smell like old people or dead mice anymore.  I picked up some peppers and tomato plants at the store and planted those.  We put them on the porch so the boys could water them, watch them grow and gain some appreciation for living things.

The best part of living in the sticks is you don’t have neighbors on top of you minding your business.  I actually don’t have to clean up after myself in the yard if I don’t want to.  I was wishing I had a shed or green house in which to work on potting my plants.  Then I realized my dirt floor of a yard was one giant open potting shed.  So I organized all the pots in one area.  Off to the side is my broken lawn mower.  A small wheeled seat acts as my potting bench.  When cleaning out old pots filled with soil and dead plants, I just chuck the debris on the ground.  The spent soil has got to be good for the yard, since the yard is just clay based dirt at this point.  This is awesome, I invented the outdoor potting shed, best part it is free.  I could never do this at the old place.  Too many neighbors with too much time on their hands working on their perfect lawns and cleaning out their already clean garages.  The horror I’d instill in them if they saw me just chucking potting soil all over the ground.

This week all our Shenandoah cabinets were delivered.  I’m starting to put them up in my office first.  Tonight I laid everything out.  The base cabinets are 28.5″ tall which will give us a 30″ height to the desk surface (two 3/4″ partical board layers with laminate finish).  Between the desk and the wall cabinets will be 18″ of space.  Enough to house a smaller iMac or Sony all in one computer.  Above that we’ll have 6″ worth of “mail slot” cabinets and a 36″ doored wall cabinet to top the whole thing off.

Other than that the primary focus is on prepping for art shows and working on art.  Each day is exhausting for me as I try my best to get a couple hours of work in each night either painting or doing house chores.  Like Warren Zevon said, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Here’s tonight’s gallery, enjoy.



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