Help Wanted

So I’ve got time to kill because the whole idea of selling art isn’t as lucrative as it seems in the movies. As I sit in the now cool, thank god, temperatures of a Sunday morning art show I can reflect on the utter frustration, disappointment and bitterness tradesmen have instilled in me. I still can’t find anyone to pay to finish our porch and other assorted projects. It’s made me I’ll and pissed off. Actually what pisses me off the most is that I have a pile of wood sitting in my yard going to waste. A member of the family ordered $2,000 worth of lumber and there it sits weathering away, since they bailed on completing the job. I barely even want that crap on my house at this point and will probably be forced to buy new material if and when I ever find someone to work the job.

I’ve been begging a trusted contractor to give me a quote but I’ve seen nothing after three weeks. Now I have to cold call and take my chances with a stranger who will do who knows how good a job. I don’t know what I did to piss everybody off but its remarkably sucky that this is how my friends and family treat me. Maybe I’m overly sensitive. Maybe it’s too much to ask that someone, anyone, please take my money in exchange for using my lumber to finish my porches.

I have a laundry list of electrical work that needs to be done too but can’t get anyone for that too. The electricians that worked on the house were suspect at best and then I was forced to shun them eternally when they threw a tantrum at the end of the job.

Which leads me to an even greater level of frustration. Everyone bitches about the economy but here I am, I piss away my existence making a decent buck, I shouldn’t have to literally beg people to take my money.

Maybe I live in a fantasy world and am unrealistic. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to work and I just need to take my medicine and pay the man. This may all be true but I don’t have to like it.

If you know anyone in northeast Ohio that wants work let me know, apparently no one I know needs my money.

P.S. So this guy comes by my art booth and we get to talking. He’s a tradesman so I ask him if he knows anyone he can recommend to bid on our job. He kinda laughed and said he doubts anyone would want to work on the project but he’d check around. Wow what an awesome country we live in. I’m just looking for a couple columns to be trimmed out and our vaunted blue collar workforce wants to bitch about the economy AND pass on paying jobs. FML.

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