Stuff I’m Thankful For Today

Despite my general bitter, life sucks disposition, there are things I am thankful for today.  Actually there are a ton of things, many of which go without saying….wife, kids, beer, etc. that I am thankful for, but tonight I’ll mention a few that are top of mind and relevant to today.

  1. Nature (Animals) – “Baby deer! Baby deer!” my wife screamed out as I picked up the latest mess the boys made in the family room.  Looking over I saw nothing but as I approached the three large picture windows there they were: a momma doe and two spotted fawns meandering through our scrubby lawn.  We frantically grabbed cameras and the video camera.  The boys were enthralled watching the deer, our oldest taking his own photos.  At one point the one fawn was hell bent on checking out the tomato plants on our deck but thought better of it when we were spied peering through the porch door.  Nature around the house is phenomenal.  That’s the whole reason we moved here and we’re not being let down.  Just the other night after a long day at the art show we saw three of the fluffiest skunks you are ever likely to see playing in our driveway.  The plants and animals are oblivious to the fact that we’ve planted a 3,400 sq. foot house in their back yard.  We love every minute of it.
  2. Nature (Plants) – I did a tour of the land tonight, my watering can in hand.  Some of our baby trees died but many are surprisingly hanging on.  We’ve got a slew of oaks, a couple of maples and even a hazelnut that are doing well.   The black walnuts are over the top in how good they are doing.  There is a tree by the east berm that I thought was dead when it’s base was covered in excess soil.  Now it’s got leaves all over.  In the south lawn there’s a cherry tree though that looks like it has died.  We’ll see in the Fall or Spring if this is true.  Elsewhere little plants are growing everywhere including our lawn.  The previously barren east berm now looks like a miniature budding garden of Eden.  The sea of grasses throughout the property are solidly grown in and looking great.  The plants are finding a way despite all the disruption, heat and lack of rain.  Go plants!
  3. Home Grown Food – I picked a strawberry and took in on my walk this evening.  Look we’re not starting a farm anytime soon, but we did grow a baby strawberry so it’s a start.
  4. 10″ Window Sills – We have so much crap everywhere there is nary an open square foot to place stuff down on.  The window sills we have created a previously unknown source of storage and convenience.  If you’re building or remodelling, I recommend 10″ window sills emensly.
  5. Free Time – Art shows are done for the year, for me at least, so now I’ve got nothing but time to start getting my “to do” list done.  Stuff like finish installing the cabinets, organize the garage, fix the lawn mower, spend time with the boys and wife…maybe even work on some new art at my leisure; all these things were being neglected.  Now I have the rest of the year to work on stuff I want to work on.

Alright, I’m tired.  Talk to ya later.  Here are today’s pics.

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