Still Working on Cabinets

Ok!  I finished installing the office area cabinets and all the studio cabinets are moved up into the wife’s studio.

Sonic tool makes cutting baseboard trim an easy job. I cut back all the trim to make room for the cabinet. I was able to reuse the shoe mold on the near side of the cabinet. By the way I got my sonic tool on sale for only $50 at Lowes or Home Depot.

I got to play with my new sonic tool to cut away the base boards where the office base cabinet was going.  Our base board is really tall so I had to notch it like the letter “L” where the side of the cabinet rose up and out beyond the toe kick.  The tool, I bought on sale for fifty bucks, oscillates a cutting blade back and forth and allows the user to make straight plunge cuts into wood.  Perfect for cutting trim in place.  Otherwise, without the tool, I’d be forced to remove the trim, cut it and then reinstall it.  Then I’d have to fill nail holes and repaint everything.  This tool saved me a ton of time and made the job easy.  Money well spent and the cheap version I got works just fine vs. spending $150 plus.  It even has adapters included to use other manufacturers attachments.

Dyson handheld is best vacuum ever I think. Makes quick clean up jobs a breeze. Better than the floor model Dyson we have which inexplicably broke.

After removing the trim we swept up the area, and even washed the floor.  No sense spending a lifetime thinking about the dirty floor under that one base cabinet.  I then installed the base cabinet.  I leveled it and ran two screws through the top nailing block into studs in the wall.   The cabinet was only fifteen inches wide so I was lucky I hit even one stud.  Not sure what you do if you can find a stud. I then recut the show mold as well as some new trim pieces to finish off the unsightly edges of the cabinet. Overall it was a simple job and looks good.  I’m not going to be a cabinet-maker or installer anytime soon, but it was a good exercise for me none the less.

Upstairs we moved all the cabinets we bought from Lowes for Christine’s studio.  Originally we were going to have two levels, one that was 29″ office height cabinets and then some 34″ kitchen height cabinets.  On one end I was going to fashion and access to the kneewall space but upon inspecting the wall cabinet I was going to use I decided a different course of action was advisable.  I was going to build a platform upon which to set the wall cabinet to make a fake base cabinet. Turns out that would be too short and I’d have to do a ton of trim work to make it all happen.  So now Lowes was nice enough to exchange our cabinet for a sink base which will make life easier for me.  I do have to oder an extra countertop as the old design won’t work but that’s okay.

Alright I’m going to sleep.  Elsewhere we’re plugging away at getting organized.  Catch ya later.

Base cabinet installed and trimmed out.

Space in cabinets is for a little fridge. Note shorter cabinets on left are office cabinets, around 29″ tall.

Studio cabinets waiting to be installed. We’ll have a small sink and even room for a fridge which will be great when working on artwork. Wife won’t have to go downstairs to get coffee, wash up after art projects or grab a snack.

The messes ebb and flow throughout the house. Right now the upstairs hall is straight out of an episode of “Hoarders”. The denies she has hoarder tendancies. I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Creative minds are seldom tidy. You can see our cool new IKEA desks and bookcase in the wife’s studio. She has a way to go to get organized. The new cabinets that I’m installing should help. In theory.

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