Media Console Inside, Cutting Grass Outside

It’s nice to have a Saturday with nothing to do.  We actually got our weekend chores pretty much done this morning.  All we have left to do is clean off the porches so the workers can start finishing them on Monday.

Today I cut the “grass” for the first time.  Exactly one year and nine days since we first broke ground.  We really don’t have much grass but the weeds were getting tall and looking scraggly.  Our deer are doing a good job of eating the lawn plants but even they can eat them all so I fixed my not so trusty lawn mower first thing this morning and it fired up right away.  The front wheels of our Troy-Bilt fell off at the old house.  I tried to fix them last year but the nut that holds them in place is made from plastic.  It really is a horrific design.  I’ll never buy another Troy-Bilt as long as I live.  I fixed it this morning with some sheet metal and screws, fastening the screws below the axle so it could no longer fall out of its mount.  Cutting the grass was good for a photo and lots of dust.  But it does look better I must say.

I planted some black-eyed susans that a friend gave us.  They are from a lineage that includes the ones from our old house and can be seen in many of the wife’s artwork.  Will be nice seeing them just outside my studio door.

Inside I wrapped up setting all the stuff on the media stand we got from Pottery Barn.  We’re really happy with our Winslow Media Stand.  Our family room / dining room area is a decorators nightmare the way it is set up with the fireplace.  On one side is a large hutch for the dining room.  On the other side is the media center.  The unit we bought looks really nice and I don’t think we could have done a better job.  It has spacious storage and wide glass sliding doors for ease of access.  We have a ton of wires but the quality cutouts worked well and I even mounted the power strip on the wall.  That last task was tough cause I tried to drill into an HVAC duct, but I slid my mounting point over and found success while still keeping the wires and outlets hidden behind the tv.

I’m still battling bees outside, though I think I killed the wasps once and for all.  My face is still swollen though from Tuesday’s wasp incident.  I ventured into the tall grass even so I could tie up a small tree that had been knocked down during excavation, in an effort to get it growing back upright.

Ok, I’m going back to enjoying my Saturday with nothing to do.  Hope you are enjoying yours.


Update: Here’s a photo of the console shelf dimensions, in case you’re looking to pick one of these up and aren’t sure what will fit inside. As you can see I stack the cable box up top and movies below.  Also you can tell  we abhor dusting in our household.

Dimensions of the shelves on our Winslow Media Stand from Pottery Barn.

Dimensions of the shelves on our Winslow Media Stand from Pottery Barn.

4 thoughts on “Media Console Inside, Cutting Grass Outside

  1. Sorry for this unusual request, but I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with PB and they can’t help. I am contemplating the Winslow but want to make sure my photo albums will fit, but they can’t tell me the height of the interior shelves and how much they can be adjusted. Can you help?


    • Melissa, I measured the media center and updated this post with a new photo. I hope your photo albums fit because it’s a nice console. Also I don’t know if I mentioned it but I did call PB and the glass is tempered; in case you have any destructive small fries in your house like we do.


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