Gone Fishing and Screen Porch Progress

I’ve been on vacation fishing the last week.  It was a good trip and difficult to return home to my chore list and the day job.  Our Amish carpenters have been slowly making progress on the porch project.  As of today the back screen porch is done and all the steps are done.  All that is left to do is reskin the front columns, making them the proper ten inch profile.

Overall everything looks nice.  It’s not exactly as I had hoped but once it’s painted I’m sure no one, myself included will care too much.  We’ll paint all the trim white and the horizontal surfaces will be a charcoal colored translucent stain.  There are a lot of seams so the painters will have much to caulk as well.  I need to order our screen door and Screentight system next.

Now that I’m back home I can jump back on my cabinet installation project upstairs in the studio.  Also I need to change the water filter again.  The water pressure has dropped again. We’re looking into options for treating the water because this current set up has dismal water pressure, especially when the filter gets “old”.  So far I’m not liking many of my options.

Fishing wise we went to Wollaston Lake Lodge in northern Saskatchewan in Canada.  I was able to land a trophy fish each of my four days there, with my largest being a 44″ pike and a 43.5″ pike on the fly.  Thanks to my brother-in-law for letting me borrow his fly rod.  The weather was generally good up there and I ate and drank too much as usual so there’s that. If you are into world-class fishing, check out the crew up there at the lodge.  They run a great outfit, well worth every cent paid.

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