L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod Installation

Today I installed an L-shaped shower curtain rod in the boys bathroom.  Because we have a cap cod style second floor, the full bath in the boys bathroom has a slanted ceiling.  Thus I can’t install a straight shower curtain rod.

We purchased our Barclay L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod on Amazon.com

Below is the step by step pics for our install.  It was fairly easy and the shower curtain rod is rock solid.  I wouldn’t do pull ups on it but it will be fine for a bathroom shower curtain.  Tool wise I used a drill, laser level, pencil, masking tape, and I got a cool package of wall anchors from Lowes.  The Cobra brand anchors included a 5/16″ drill bit that was designed to go through ceramic tiles.  I did check YouTube to make sure I knew how to drill though tile.  Some of my holes were close to the edge of the tiles but I can safely report that none of the tiles broke thank god.  Masking tape is the key to starting the drill holes…yay for YouTube.

Before I get to the pics and install notes, I did use stone sealer on the cement counter in the half bath.  Regular hand soap was leaving rings in the counter.  Turns out I couldn’t really wash out the rings, so after using the sealer the rings are a permanent fixture of the counter.  I wish I’d known about this before we started using the counters or our fabricator would have sealed the cement countertop.  I also used the sealer on the marble tops on our Kohlers bath cabinets in the master suite as well.

Ok, onto the shower curtain rod install.  Some other notes, I caulked the drill holes before installing the anchors, then caulked again after the anchors where in.  I also caulked the brackets as best I can.  All this caulking will help eliminate air and water penetration into the wall cavities behind the shower.  Also the shower rod comes with an 18″ support rod that you’d normally mount to the ceiling in the corner of the “L”.  In our case we have our 12/12 ceiling at the far end of the “L”.  I actually cut down that rod, well into the threads and essentially only had one inch of the 18″ rod left that I needed.  It worked out fine but was probably an extreme situation.

Overall the shower rod was rock solid and the install was fairly easy, though it did take me over an hour….I was taking my time.

6 thoughts on “L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod Installation

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  2. Can you tell me where I can find the curtain rod hangers you used? I have the same kind but they both cracked after 40 years. I can’t find them anywhere local. I want to be able to use the original holes.


    • Everything I used can be found in the article above, click on the blue words to be linked to Amazon and Lowes. I forget where the curtain is from, but the rings used to hang the curtain are from Pottery Barn I think, or Bed Bath and Beyond. The L shaped rod is from Amazon.com, and the wall anchors are from Lowe’s.

      Does this answer your question?


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