More Cabinet and Countertop Installation

This weekend was fairly productive around the homestead.  We found time to do fun stuff too but my primary focus was getting the cabinets installed in Christine’s studio. The photos below walk you through the steps I took.  So far it’s been fairly easy.  Our set up involves two levels of countertops that alternate high, low, high.  The taller cabinets on the right are for the sink and fridge section.  The lower center section is more of a desk height and the far left is taller sink height to accommodate a pass through into the crawl space.

Everything turned out to be fairly level so I didn’t shim very much.  It’s a long sixteen foot run of cabinets but because it’s so cut up level wise I just made sure all the face frames were tied together and true.

I ran into just a couple hang up and really only one deal breaker.  There was some rough plumbing pipes protruding from the wall.  I was going to just cut a hole in the end cabinet and worry about re-routing the plumbing later but the pipes hit the cabinet right at the height of the cabinet floor so simply drilling some through holes wasn’t an option.  I’ll need to have a plumber come out and re-route the pipes first then install the cabinet.  I had one outlet in the way but I simply cut a hole in that cabinet for now.  The outlet actually needs to be moved to accommodate a mini fridge so it’s good that it was there in the first place.

I was able to install two of the countertops and finish up the install of most of the cabinets so at least some of them could be moved into.

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