Aronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’

Sorry, sorry, sorry I have not posted in a while.  As usual we’ve been busy.  More and more people are getting to see the house and visit.  In between entertaining, raising kids and working the day job we’re also staying busy working on the house.  This week I cleared up some “to do list” tasks and we’ve been working in the yard.  I am about at the end of my rope mentally and  physically.  Need to recharge again and get back at it.

We spent Saturday and Sunday visiting Lowes, Home Depot and Petitti Garden Center to see if there were any end of the season deals to be had.  Sure enough we found plenty of goodies to satiate our short-term planting needs.  Amongst the treasures we discovered were the Brilliant Red Chokeberry bushes we needed for the front bed.  We’re trying our best to find exact varieties as spelled out in the landscape plan.  When we find something that matches up perfectly we pounce on it.  This weekend was buy 2 get 1 free at Petitti’s.  Sunday upped the ante to include a 10% off your entire purchase sale.  So we also loaded up on some of the Green Velvet Boxwoods we need.  Ultimately we need about eighty boxwoods.   We got about fifteen this weekend on sale.  We’re comparing prices and what we got the weekend was our best pricing so far.

Home Depot had the two Hydrangea’s we needed, Hydrangea arborescans though I’m not sure if they are the ‘White Dome’ variety, they do have white flowers so closes enough in my book.  These go by the playset.  Lowes came through with $3 perennials, so we loaded up by buying twenty-three Echinacea pupurea (Purple Coneflowers).  As a bonus we bought two other neglected perennials for a dollar apiece.  Perenial wise we need 850 when it’s all said and done.  Long term we can actually divide many of the plants we’re buying now so it’s not like we have to buy them all.  The plan is to get the front bed done this Fall and next Spring.  We’re making progress.  Some of the remaining bushes we need we found at a great price online so we’ll order those ASAP to get Fall shipping.

We were going to plant everything today but it was just to damn hot.  The sweat was pouring off of us.  All we accomplished was garden weaseling the bare spots on the lawn and spreading grass seed.  It then rained pretty good so the seed hopefully set up and can start growing in the coming weeks.  I have some natural bagged fertilizer I’m going to spread around this week too.  This should get the lawn headed in the right direction come Spring.

Non plant wise I finally cleaned the garage windows, and it definitely felt good to get this chore off my back.  Also I’m keeping progress on the porch; I installed 2×4’s on the sole plates of the screen porch framing.  These will provide a mounting place for the screen porch system.  Next I’ll pressure wash the columns on the front porch and start caulking everything in preparation for painting.  Once everything is painted the screen can go on.

So this week is more planting, start caulking and we have an art show to get ready for.  There definitely is no time to rest.

By the way, Brilliant Red Chokeberry bushes are native to Ohio.  Birds love ’em and supposedly we can pick them and make jam if we are so inclined.  They look really nice and they are supposed to look great in the fall.  I’ll keep you posted.



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